Blurify: Turn your Photos into Beautiful Wallpaper

Blurify: Turn your Photos into Beautiful Wallpaper



If you’re tired of having that boring flower/partner/sunset background on your smartphone, check out Blurify, which will have you creating gorgeous wallpapers in just a few minutes.

If you’re like me, you can be talked into having pretty much anything as your smartphone wallpaper, including a fairly dull image of a wilting flower that an ex-girlfriend may or may not have thought was a ‘beautiful piece of art’.  Also, if you’re like me, you’ll be checking your phone at least a gazillion times a day, so you’re allowing this pedestrian image to filter into your subconscious. Blurify allows you to obviate the potential subliminal ennui that you might be forcing on your brain by creating a beautiful wallpaper from one of your very own photos.

The layout of the app is very simple and intuitive; drag the four buttons across the screen and watch as they fade in and out of stronger colours, textures, brightness and blurriness.  By maximising the pixels on your retina display, the app works perfectly with iS 7’s updates to photo quality, saturating your images with a beautiful bruised warmth or stark black and white contrast.

screen568x568 (1)

If you’re feeling lucky then take the ‘I dare you to shake me’ challenge when it pops up and a random setting of the four buttons will turn your regular photograph into brilliant masterpiece (or a blurry mess!  But they’re still funny…).

I’ve whiled away many a pleasant five minute work break by turning my daily snaps into a striking vision that is just SO much better than the wilting flower that was previously haunting my iPhone’s background; well worth the $0.99, if you ask me.


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