Which Are The Best Medical Marijuana Apps On The Market Today?

Which Are The Best Medical Marijuana Apps On The Market Today?


The use of medical marijuana as a means of therapy is on the rise globally, with more and more countries and states embracing the iconic herb. As stigma around this particular medication diminishes, we’re seeing a growing understanding of how medical marijuana can help a multitude of individuals who suffer from a wide range of different conditions. Given the new commercial interest in cultivating and selling cannabis, new startup companies are jumping on the new commodity and all of the different business opportunities that come with it. Below are some of the best medical marijuana apps to come out of the recent boom.


Leafly is an app that provides valuable information about the different medical marijuana strains available, the dispensaries and any related legislation. The app also goes into further detail, offering in depth characteristics of the different strains available, their related research-backed medical uses and any possible side effects that users may experience. Users are also able to leave comments about their own experience with different strains and dispensaries to give other users a better feel about what to expect. The app is available on both android and iOS devices.


Weedmaps is available for both iOS and android users and is a great tool for locating medical marijuana dispensaries near you. It works in nearly every state in which medical marijuana is legal and will provide a clear and concise map the the different dispensaries that are within your area. Different filters allow you to view dispensaries with store fronts or ones which offer delivery as well.


MMJRecs is one of the leading medical marijuana card providers throughout the US offering in depth blogs about legislation, laws, user rights, medical benefits and the best methods to dose properly with medical marijuana. They also offer an online service which allows prospective users to Skype with a fully licensed medical professional to talk about treatments plans, dosages and whether or not they qualify for a 420 card. If the patient meets the criteria then the doctor is then able to issue a prescription for medical marijuana and all the documentation that comes with it. MMJRecs is a great place to get a grounding feel for medical marijuana laws in America and the different usages and benefits that patients can expect when dosing with this magical herb.