Finding the Best App Builder Software? 4 Tools That Will Help You...

Finding the Best App Builder Software? 4 Tools That Will Help You To Build An App From Scratch


Do you need a business app but are bad at coding? Use an app builder software to make the process easier. Here are 4 tools to build an app from scratch!

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If your business doesn’t have an app, does it really even exist?

More than 75 percent of Americans own smartphones. And with more than 2 million apps on the Apple iOS platform alone, your brand won’t get recognized if it doesn’t have a dedicated app.

Technical expertise and coding knowledge is no longer a deal-breaker for app development. In fact, there are lots of app builder software options available for those who want to capitalize on this technology shift without learning the intricacies of coding.

We’ve got four tools to help build an app from scratch for iOS and Android.

1. BuildFire

We love BuildFire, who power over 10,000 apps. This app builder isn’t free to use, but their team is ready at a moment’s notice to help you build the perfect app for your business or event. 

Masters of several verticals, BuildFire has worked with educational institutions, corporations needing to connect their employees, and media conglomerates. They really are the best of the best.

This app builder software tool is perfect for those who are new to the game, or for seasoned creators. Avoid app design failure with smart strategy and services like these

2. is an industry standard, and its shining achievement is its cloud-based technology. Although it’s best used by those who have some development experience, there’s nothing to install or even download.

Everything’s stored in the cloud.

This is an excellent app builder software for novice developers and those who have dipped their toe into mobile app builders before. There’s a comprehensive plugin library, which helps streamline and customize the process. 

3. Mobile Roadie

Sometimes simple really is the best. With Mobile Roadie, you need no coding experience or technological savvy to build the mobile app that works best for your business.

Our favorite feature is the preview function, which lets you see what your customers will see. A mobile app builder software that’s intensely visual, plans start at a low monthly fee.

Another great feature is keyword integration. If you’re SEO conscious, this is a fantastic app creation suite. And they make your submission to iOS and Android app stores a breeze!

4. GoodBarber

It’s a little mobile app creator with a funky name, but people love GoodBarber. Entrepreneurs and small businesses will fare well with this customizable software.

Best for companies that need a full-scale e-commerce component to their platform, this app builder software also has cool features for clients. For example, you can send out push notifications to your customers!

Our only gripe?

While GoodBarber is known for its prompt customer service, the team is based in Europe. That can make timing calls and e-mail responses tricky.

Pick Your App Builder Software

Different levels of coding and various techie skills aside, it’s crucial to pick an app builder software that you and your team are most comfortable with. A lot of that will come down to the interface, customer service, and creation capabilities.

When you’re picking your app building software, don’t forget that artificial intelligence and machine learning are new features with big followings. Chatbots, for example, are used for apps from investment tracking to therapy.

Check out how to use machine learning to improve your customer’s experience with your app! 


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