Ways to Backup iPhone with IOTransfer – Avoid iPhone Data Loss

Ways to Backup iPhone with IOTransfer – Avoid iPhone Data Loss


It is a heart-rending moment when you lose important data stored in your iPhone. Here are just some of the many ways in which you can lose important data on your iPhone:

  • Sometimes you accidentally delete data by mistake (35%)
  • Your iPhone might incur water damage or be broken (20%)
  • You may lose or have your iPhone stolen (15%)
  • Update your iOS or jailbreaking your iPhone can cause important data to be lost (15%)
  • Virus attacks can also lead to lost data (5%)

Although it’s all well and good studying the potential reasons why we might lose our data, the important thing is to be aware of the appropriate measures that you can take in order to protect your photos and videos.


The best and most effective way is to backup your iPhone regularly. This way you know that you’re covered no matter what and can avoid potential future frustration. There are three ways to back up your data:

  • iTunes  (this is a mobile device in which you can manage your data on your laptop/computers)
  • iCloud (this is the online storage device which you can use to backup your data regularly)
  • IOTransfer (is one of the best iOS file transfer and management tools around)

There are already many tips and how-to guides on backing-up your iPhone with iTunes and iCloud. So, here we’re going to discuss in more detail about how to use iPhone manager to backup your iPhone’s data instead.

How to backup iPhone with IOTransfer

Step 1: Visit the official website of IOTransfer at www.iotransfer.net, download and Install IOTransfer

Step 2: Launch IOTransfer on Windows computer and connect your iPhone with the USB cable

Step 3: After connecting, IOTransfer will automatically detect the files stored on your iPhone

Step 4: Click “Transfer to PC” – all your photos, songs, videos and contacts on your iPhone will be backed up to computer easily


If you’re looking to back up an individual file, IOTransfer will be a good option for you as well. The program displays all of the photos, videos, songs, iBooks and contacts in categories and you can copy any of the files that you wish to back-up on your computer.

IOTransfer is primarily designed to help iPhone users transfer and back-up iPhone files. However, in addition to this, it also offers more exciting features to meet users’ demands like; Online Video Downloader which supports downloading and saving online videos from sites like YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo onto your iPhone.

Overall, IOTransfer is a great program and one that we recommend. If you’re an iPhone owner who knows the difficulty of backing-up files then you’ll want to take advantage of this awesome tool which is alternative to iTunes.


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