Audials Radio App, With over 80,000 Stations it’s Easy to find One...

Audials Radio App, With over 80,000 Stations it’s Easy to find One to Listen


So how many people still listen to the radio? Surprisingly the statistics show over 40% of the population will sometime during the week crank on the radio. Now, the way we listen to the radio has certainly changed, as we are more for streaming our radio then turning over and flipping on the old clock radio. But we  listening to the clock radio that was a morning staple in our lives.

Audials Radio App for iPhone or iPad is a streaming app for bringing you radio stations and podcasts quickly and easily. If you follow my other reviews you will know that I travel quite a bit of the time, and I use Audials to pop in and listen to what is happening at home. The app is structured well for breaking it into genres or countries, with over 80000 radio stations at your fingertips. Podcasts are also easy to stream if you want to skip working within the iTunes framework. Although from my perusing the podcasts, there may not be as many on the system. But there is a really good selection.

Now, not all the radio stations from your hometown may be on the system, but you can a least here a little news from home. The one little wire framing issue I have, is the way you find your area. If you go to your country, the next natural feed should be the “region” you want to go to. But you have to scroll down and then find the region. It’s a minor thing, and an idiosyncrasy you will master quickly. The developer might have it set up this way for a reason unknown to me.

Audials ability to set up an account and hold your favourites is a good feature. Its easy to set up your account and your preferences, but you don’t need to do it to enjoy listening to your radio station or podcast on the fly.


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