Atomic Ball Breathes Some Life Into An Old Classic

Atomic Ball Breathes Some Life Into An Old Classic

Atomic Ball iPhone App Review
Breaking up is hard to do

Anyone who’s anyone has played a brick breaker game, and most of the time they’re indistinguishable from each other. Atomic Ball throws some science into the mix in an attempt to breathe new life into the genre.

Rather than using the paddle to guide balls into a pattern of bricks, this game sees you attempting to clear a field of various sized atoms. As you bash your way through the level, atoms left broken off from the pack will become drawn to the main bulk, meaning the landscape is forever changing.

Once there are a few atoms left huddled together, they provide a moving target, floating around the screen making it that little bit more difficult to finish them off.

A great feature to Atomic Ball is the credits. I’m not usually a fan of this system, as it can suck some people in to buying them, giving them an advantage over others not willing to shed out more money. However, credits are used to turn good powerups on, and, more interestingly, bad powerups off. There is a whole host of powerups to unlock as you go through the game, meaning that each player can tailor suit their selection to best benefit their paying style.


  • Simple controls.
  • Clear, well designed graphics.
  • Huge selection of good and bad powerups, including double balls, stealth paddles and magnets.
  • The ability to unlock and customise powerups keeps to coming back.
  • Option to switch between touch and tilt controls.


  • It would be great to have some different gameplay modes such as a time limit, high score and endless.

If you’re a fan of brick breakers but find them all a little too similar, Atomic Ball is definitely one to check out.

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