Angelique: A Beautiful Vampire Story On Your iPad (Sponsored)

Angelique: A Beautiful Vampire Story On Your iPad (Sponsored)


Angelique iPad App Review

With the current trend of vampire stories taking the teen world by storm, it’s refreshing to see a truly intelligent and well-told story of the undead that doesn’t star a man who looks as if he’s literally made out of wax.

RPatz-bashing aside, Angelique tells the story of two characters, Angelique and Vincent, who are inseparable via the means of mere mortality with beautiful images that add visual support to the tale. Based on Helen A. Rosburg’s original poem, the story has now been spun out into a novelette by Rosberg and her co-author Ali DeGray. I can’t give too much away without spoiling the ending but I can comment that the general tone of the book is an engaging one, with plenty of plot twists and innovative sentence structures that will command the reader’s attention.

Bloody Hell!

I particularly enjoyed matching the pictures to areas of the text and allowing my imagination to carry the two characters away into a fantasyland based upon the story’s narrative. Sometimes in literature that has images added to it, there is a danger of ruining the characters that one has envisioned in one’s mind (naming no names, Harry Potter), but with portraits as stunning as these, it would take quite the imagination to better them.

Will they really live happily ever after?


Angelique is a truly beautiful and haunting tale of undying love that puts an original and entertaining spin on a well-worn formula; for fans of the vampire genre, it’s simply a must-have.


  • The iPad’s screen is perfectly designed so that it shows such images up in their clearest and most impressive format.
  • Flicking to and from pages and highlighting favourite passages is really fun.
  • For less than a dollar, it’s a steal!

Room For Improvement

  • Bring out the sequel!!