A Blocky Kind of Love

A Blocky Kind of Love


A Blocky Kind of Love iPhone App Review

App Store Description:

A fresh new take on a love adventure lets you pursue romance on a wild ride over land sea and air. Your object of affection needs to be won over. Do you have what it takes to win her/his heart?

Don’t let the cute voxel graphics fool you: behind this game is a top notch physics simulation that will let you drive cars, fly choppers, ride horses and row boats with the utmost realism.

  •  Infinitely cute voxel graphics
  •   Unsurpassed vehicle physics
  •   Retina support
  •   5 free levels
  •   5 premium levels via *single* I.A.P.
  •   Multiple scenarios


Note: We haven’t reviewed this app yet. The following description is from the Apple App Store. If you think this app is worth reviewing then please mention in the comments section at the end of this post.


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