8 Great Business Networking Apps

8 Great Business Networking Apps



It was once extremely difficult to generate new business contacts. Arranging a mutually acceptable meeting or even finding new contacts was a complicated game of cat and mouse. Now, businesses can expand their customer base in just a few clicks of their smart phones. Connections can be made, employees found or even finance generated. There are a variety of apps which now make it much easier to network. Here are 8 of the best which are not Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Weave is a social app where professionals upload profiles of themselves and their business interests. Once you have signed up it is possible to scroll through hundreds of profiles to find any that may interest you. It is also possible to do this with the search engine. Once you have found a profile simply ask them if they would like to connect and if they do then your details will be shared. You can even hire people through this app.

Coffee the App

This app is very similar in principle to Weave. You can swipe through hundreds of profiles and simply swipe your finger to the right to indicate you are interested in meeting. Coffee the App will then make the introduction and a connection can be built almost instantly. Just as with Weave it is possible to hire new employees and you can even post a job onto this app.



To access Caliber you will need a Linkedin profile. This will then allow you to sign into Caliber and designate your role (such as engineer). The app has a variety of search options to help you focus your search and you can mark any profile you are interested in. Caliber keeps a record of all the profiles you have looked at and whether you passed or tried to connect. It is not possible to connect to someone you passed on without their profile popping up in front of you again.


This app allows you to look up someone to find out their recent activity and any relevant information on the web. The app will put together a file on the person you specify which will include any information it could find on the web.


MeetUp is aimed at those who wish to meet people face to face. The app will list any meetings going on in your local vicinity and you are able to specify what sort of meetings you are interested in; fellow professionals or other entrepreneurs. It can be a great way to make connections in your local neighborhood. It is also excellent for those who may struggle with creating new conversations; you know why everyone is at any meeting you attend and that you will have something to talk about.


CityHour will show you who is available within the next couple of hours and is within fifty miles of your location. The idea behind the app is to provide an easy way to connect with other professionals or those with similar goals and to be able to do this anytime you have a couple of hours spare. Are you looking to hire someone urgently? Use City Hour to find the best people for your job requirements.



This is an essential app for anyone who attends multiple conferences and events throughout the year. Bizzabo will provide you with a list of attendees for anyone attending the same event as you and will provide you with the option of connecting with them – before or after the event. The app will also look at the details you have entered and will make suggestions of possible networking opportunities.

Let’s Lunch

Not so long ago the majority of professionals had lunch alone. Let’s Lunch has changed this. You need to link this app to your calendar and specify which free spots you have. The app will then link these free spaces with other professionals who are free and may be interested in meeting. Lunches then become an opportunity to network and make new contacts.

Networking is productive for business and fun when done for personal uses. If you’re getting tired of Facebook and LinkedIn is not really your thing, maybe one or more of the above mentioned apps can appeal to your senses.

By Jason Phillips and Conosco.com!


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