6 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

6 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs


As a freelancer, it is super important to keep organized and on top of things. When you are a one-woman band you need to make sure that all of the crucial jobs that will make you and your business a success get done when they need to, perfectly on schedule.

The days of messy pen on paper ‘to do’ lists are long gone. Today we are lucky to have a wealth of amazing apps that make organizing your life as a freelancer easier than ever before!

Here are 6 excellent apps that every freelancer needs.

Kanban Flow – This little beaut makes organizing your schedule easy-peasy. Kanban Flow is a ‘To Do’ list scheduler that lets you organize tasks in order of importance and designate set periods of time to each item beforehand, so you don’t get carried away with the ‘fun stuff’ and end up neglecting other important tasks.

6 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

HootSuite – This is a very handy app that manages all of your social networks from one central hub. You can use it to schedule postings, messages and tweets for ultimate impact. It also allows you to track brand mentions and analyze your social media traffic.

6 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

Evernote – Made famous by Tim Ferris; Evernote is a real industry favorite. Many freelancers view it as an indispensable organizational tool. It will make your business, and life in general, run much more smoothly and free your mind to concentrate on being creative. Capture ideas, formulate plans, organize your schedule, and boss at life!

Dragon Dictation – This app is perfect for freelancers who have ideas and epiphanies when on the move (so surely all of us!). Speak what’s on your mind and let Dragon Dictation type out your stream of conscious warblings for you. Never forget a great idea again! You can dictate emails, notes, and even brain farts! This app makes getting your thoughts on paper easy, wherever you happen to be.

SEO Pro – If you are taking care of your own SEO or using a leading SEO optimization company like seo services USA – vist, climbing up the Google rankings is essential. It is super important and satisfying to keep tabs on your SEO progress. This app lets you do just that, and is a must-have for monitoring your SEO and Marketing efforts.

Analytics Pro – This is a great app that delivers all the crucial visitor and statistics information you need from Google Analytics. The data is presented in a very easy to digest and meaningful way, so you can get the info you need pronto!


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