5 Ways the Tech Industry Is Disrupting Medicine

5 Ways the Tech Industry Is Disrupting Medicine


The tech industry revolution has touched, and continues to touch, almost every part of our lives. The way we consume and process information has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades, but many steadfast industries have undergone a rapid upheaval too. Look at Netflix for instance. On demand streaming has completely revolutionized the way we watch television shows and films; while cinemas are still big business, traditional television as we knew it for the last forty years is largely extinct. The same transformations are going in on in the healthcare industry, where tech looks set to change the way we look after ourselves and interact with our doctors. Here are five ways its breaking down the walls.

1 – More Accessible Treatment

Traditionally known as ‘telemedicine’, one of the prime ways that tech is disrupting medicine is in the accessibility of treatment. In the same way that television and music is now ‘on-demand’, medicine looks set to follow in their footsteps. Patients can connect with their doctors over any number of portable devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, allowing them to consult when they want, from the comfort of their own home.


2 – Improved Data Consumption

Data-gathering is one of the core tenets of healthcare, and improved tech capabilities make it easier than ever for doctors to get informed about their patients. Using specific apps, people can get a far more accurate reading of their specific symptoms before passing it on to their doctor, and aren’t just limited to the fifteen minutes in the doctor’s office to try and present their case.

3 – Better Communication

Doctors have a reputation of being pretty difficult to get hold of sometimes, but that’s not necessarily their fault; they lead extremely busy lives with many patients on their books. The tech industry has increased the communication between doctors and patients (and vice versa), and will continue to improve these channels as technology becomes more and more instantaneous.

4 – Wider Choice of Doctors and Related Specialists

When you can connect with anyone in the world, you can connect with any doctor in the world. Previously, patients were limited to seeing the nearest specialist to them, regardless of their own personal preference. The opening up of digital channels means that patients can communicate with physicians, specialists, surgeons, lawyers and even something extremely specific like a burn injury attorney; there’s no limit to the amount of highly qualified professionals on offer via the digital realm.

5 – Remote Monitoring

Technology allows many patients to aid with their own healthcare, by providing their doctors with key statistics concerning their health. All kinds of home-monitoring systems can be utilized by patients, providing doctors with a comprehensive overview of a their patient’s specific disorder. Previously, any kind of monitoring would have to be done in the doctor’s office, or at the very most overnight; now thanks to the burgeoning tech industry, healthcare providers are able to gauge their patient’s symptoms much better, leading to increased care and sense of wellbeing.



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