5 Streaming Apps That Every Sports Fan Should Have

5 Streaming Apps That Every Sports Fan Should Have


Picking up your Android device is often the best way to consume any and every form of media in today’s society. Companies have stepped their game up in recent years when it comes to the apps that represent them, and streaming technology has kept up right alongside them… sports fans rejoice!

Instead of heading over to the likes of BBC Sport or ESPN to keep up with the latest scores when you’re out and about (or the significant other is hogging the TV), watching live streams in high definition on your Android device is now a glorious and prevalent alternative.

How many of us have been there: you’ve downloaded your favorite betting apps on Android for the big weekend games, only to have your TV privileges removed; furiously refreshing your standard monochrome sports apps just to get a peek at the updates.

Fortunately, that can now be a thing of the past. Apps have made it easier than ever to watch your favorite sports teams no matter where you are. If you have an Android device in your pocket, you’re always connected to the action.

Here are 5 apps that every sports fan should have.

  • Sport Live Stream – This app is indispensable to those fans with a wide range of sporting interests; offering streams of both popular sports such as football and tennis, as well as those with a more niche following like volleyball and handball. This all-embracing app also offers events conveniently sorted by time order, along with minute-to-minute updates.
  • Football Stream LiveFor HD quality streams of your weekly football matches, this is the app to beat. This smooth and responsive app is the perfect soccer companion, offering both lag-free and high quality streaming. Translated into more than 20 different languages, while also being fully customizable, this app is accessible to anyone.

Sport Apps Android

  • Sport TV OriginalKeeping up to date with all the latest information doesn’t come much more comprehensive than right here. With Sport TV Original not only can you stream a myriad of popular sports completely free, but dedicated scores, schedule and news sections come complementary within the app too.
  • Live FootballIf Football Stream Live doesn’t float your boat, then perhaps the Live Football app will. An elegant design makes it easy to navigate between live streams, scores, results and fixtures. Not satisfied with simply offering live matches from across the globe, this app also provides highlights of previous games for your viewing pleasure.
  • Sports StreamsOften find yourself struggling to locate a worthwhile link to your favorite team? Well Sports Streams has you covered. This app is a search tool, collecting links from all over the internet and collating them into one streamlined, convenient list. From the Champions League, to international cricket, if you can’t find it on Sports Streams, it doesn’t exist.


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    I use to stream movies via NetFlix, the video quality is really good but it’s pretty expensive for me. Thus, I just went through your write up, it’s really useful. I have tried few apps given, the stock of content is amazing to watch on them. Thank you for the help!
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