5 Mind Blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch games released in 2014

5 Mind Blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch games released in 2014



If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, chances are one of the primary uses for the device is gaming. Nobody can really blame you, though – the devices are perfectly suitable for the task, and the ever-increasing number of games make this segment a bit hard to ignore. Be that as it may, not all games manage to bring something new to the table and captivate the player, some of them being blunt and boring. Some of them, though, are simply mind-blowing, and are prone to make you spend countless hours deep into the realms of the games’ virtual universe. Here are some of the best titles rolled out in 2014.

1. Monument Valley



Monument Valley received a lot of awards and positive feedback from reviewers, including the “Apple Design Award 2014” for its absolutely gorgeous graphics and unique architectural elements. While the game concept itself isn’t new, the game being a bit of a classic “find the way out” type of game, the level designs consist of various buildings built on some famous architectural optical illusions. Your task is to help Princess Ida find the way out, while avoiding the mysterious Crow People. The combination of mesmerizing graphics and calming soundtrack is guaranteed to get you hooked to the game.

2. Thomas Was Alone


Thomas Was Alone is the perfect example that a game doesn’t need to be super complicated to be beautiful. The main character of the game is… a rectangle. Sure, it may sound weird as first, especially if you also take into account that the game has one of the best narrative stories ever encountered in a game, but a few minutes of play are enough to make you want to never return to the real world. The objective of the game is to use your imagination in order to make the characters of the game – all geometrical shapes – get through the level. Each shape has a unique ability, such as high jump, floating on water, and so on. It’s your job to combine these powers and get the shapes at the end of each level.

3. Leo’s Fortune


Leo’s Fortune is another “Apple Design Award 2014” winner, and a single glimpse of the game is enough to help you understand why: the game has console-level graphics. Aside from graphics, the game prides itself with an engaging storyline and intuitive controls. Your character is Leo, a fuzzy ball-shaped king that had his gold stolen; your quest is to follow the clues and find the gold, along with the thief. Leo’s Fortune will take you through 24 well-crafter levels that will put your abilities to the test. Are you skilled enough to get through them, and help Leo find his fortune? Install the game and find out.

4. Angry Birds Epic


Angry Birds was mind-blowing in 2009, when the first game from the series was released. A few years and some games later, you might be tempted to think that Angry Birds’ time has passed, and there’s nothing new the game can bring to the table; after all, we’ve had all flavors of the game, as well as a shift in direction with Angry Birds Go!. Angry Birds Epic, however, manages to surprise again, by coming as a different game type: a role-playing game. That’s right, your feathered little friends and those pesky hogs are now fighting in a turn-based style, which totally changes the dynamics of the game. Besides fighting, you’ll also have to explore the map, perform various quests and prove that you’ve got what it take to be a winner.

5. World of Tanks Blitz


It’s not unusual for PC games to be ported to mobile devices. However, it is unusual for these games to be ported so accurately and keep most of the features. World of Tanks Blitz managed exactly that, being a very accurate replica of the PC game. Considering the fact that the PC version of World of Tanks has drawn more than 80 million players into battle, it won’t be a surprise if the mobile version uses the momentum to become just as popular. If you’re a fan of war games and heavy machinery, World of Tanks Blitz is a must have on your iPad or iPhone.


This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Make Up Games 365!


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