5 Free iPhone Apps That Help you Make Money

5 Free iPhone Apps That Help you Make Money


Making Money on Your iPhone Apps

“Money can’t buy me love…” This is very true, Sir Paul, as is the oft-quoted aphorism, ‘The best things in life are free’, however it’s easy to preach this carefree lifestyle if you are a multi-millionaire musician who will never have to want for anything for the rest of his life, (provided, of course, that he steers clear of one one-legged gold-diggers…). The rest of us actually do have to depend on a regular income and anything extra that can be made or saved is a welcome bonus. So, let’s see what iPhone Apps can be used to increase our bank balance and give us a little more pocket money to spend this Christmas.


Ebay iPhone App Review

If you are anything like me, your house will be cluttered up with so many belongings that you can’t bear to throw away but you have absolutely no use for any more; do we really need that Scalectrix set looping round the room? Or those hair straighteners tangled in the corner? I’m sure we can live without that collection of Bon Jovi B-sides! Well, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, so why not use the Ebay App on your iPhone to buy, sell and trade items on the world’s largest online auctioning site?


Twitter iPhone App Review

The biggest business success story of the last few years, Twitter has become one of the world’s foremost social networking tools, with everybody from Russell Brand to Stephen Fry updating their followers as to their daily thoughts and activities via tweets from their iPhones. Well, now you can use your Twitter App to make yourself a little extra cash on the side, through ‘Be-A-Magpie’ and ‘Twittad’ Apps. Be-A-Magpie allows Twitter uses to create revenue through sponsored Twitter messages, in essence, placing an ad on your tweets; Twittad allowers advertisers to purchase on a Pay-Per-Follower scheme, running campaigns on specific accounts. With both Apps, the more followers you have, the more money you will make, so start making as many friends as possible!


Share Price iPhone App Review

Ah, the Stock Market…where fortunes are made and broken in the blink of an eye and canny businessmen exchange tips and tricks in order to help them invest in a stock that will skyrocket in to the stratosphere rather than plummet into oblivion. Well, if you fancy yourself to be a latter-day Gordon Gekko then ‘Shareprice’ is the App for you, updating you with real time information on the stock market; good luck!

Gold Price

Gold Price iPhone App Review

Have you noticed the flurry of shops popping up around major cities that are offering ‘cash for gold’? Well, this is because they only ever pay lower than your jewellery is worth, turning a tidy profit; however, with the ‘Gold Price’ App you can be clued in to exactly how much the value of your currency is against gold prices around the world, so if you want to do some gold trading, (which can be a very lucrative little sideline,) you’ll be on an even footing.

Mortgage Rates

mortgage rates iPhone' App review

The property market is where the real money is. If you can get a foot on the ladder, then with every rung that you climb up, your pockets will be lined with more and more cash than you can imagine…if you’re smart about it. With the ‘Mortgage Rates’ App, you are sent real time quotes from hundreds of lenders in complete privacy, allowing you to shop around for the best bargain. This App will only be useful to people in a position to buy, so perhaps utilize the other Apps on the list to amass your personal fortune before becoming a property tycoon!