5 Best Apps For Making Money On Your Mobile

5 Best Apps For Making Money On Your Mobile



Anyone who has bought their smartphone on a credit card or who has taken out a loan to pay for it is going to want to see some return on their investment. Well, here are five ways to make money, direct from your phone. Enjoy!

1. GymPact

Other than physical trainers and professional athletes, it’s pretty tough to get paid to work. Until now. GymPact offers users cash for every time that you visit the gym – the catch? It fines you if you miss a day and uses your cash to pay the more diligent members.

2. ESPN Streak for Cash

Another sports related one, but this one won’t leave you sweating; unless you win the top prize of $20,000, that is. ESPN Streak for Cash pays the user who guesses the most amount of correct sport match predictions in a row.

3. Caesar’s Casino Roulette

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well, are ya? If so, you can play to win at Caesar’s casino roulette straight from your mobile – cross your fingers and hope that those symbols start lining up!

4. Field Agent

Ok, so it’s not quite James Bond’s job, but Field Agent allows you to get paid for carrying out simple tasks such as scanning barcodes or taking photos of stock in your local supermarket. (Tuxedo optional.)

5. Gigwalk

For anyone who has tired of craigslist, Gigwalk is the next best thing; simply upload your portfolio with your unique skills highlighted (photography, creative writing, dog walking) and get ready to collect the $$$.