4 Apps Everyone in the Freight and Shipping Scene Needs

4 Apps Everyone in the Freight and Shipping Scene Needs


There are thousands of mobile apps that can make the lives of everyone in business easier, and this is also true of the freight and shipping industry.  However, with so many to choose from, it can seem a little overwhelming to know which are best.  Whether you’re a freight agent, logistics broker, trucker, or freight broker, below are some of the best apps that can save you time, and provide you with additional convenience when on the road.

Aeris Weather

Aeris Weather have developed an advanced weather API which enables users to receive comprehensive weather updates about any location in the country.  The interface is streamlined and flexible and can be customized to your exact needs.  The benefit of this is that if an order needs to reach a destination before a certain date, but bad weather is forecast, the shipping company can make arrangements to counteract this.  Whether you need a complex solution or just basic weather data, Aeris Weather is the ideal app to choose.

Google Maps

While there are a lot of navigation apps out there, Google Maps is by far our favorite.  Not only does the app provide you with a variety of routes to help you determine the best way of reaching a destination, but it also advises you on where traffic is heavy, and when roadworks are taking place.  This is important whether you’re a driver or a freight agent or broker, and can really help to cut down the amount of time you spend on the road.

Transflo Mobile

A mobile document imaging app, Transflo Mobile enables carriers to take photos of their freight invoices, lumper receipts, bills of lading etc. and send them electronically to an internal imaging system.  This enables them to be processed for expedited payment.  Every photo taken gets digitally optimized and so looks extremely clear upon processing.  The reason this is a great option for the freight and shipping industry is that it incentivizes motor carriers to complete further work for the broker in question.


Customer relationship management systems are important in all industries, but they’re especially useful for those who work in sales.  Since SalesForce is now available as an app, it can be taken along to customer meetings, giving sales personnel up-to-date information about how the customer in question could benefit from the freight company’s service, and indeed how similar companies have also benefited.  In the transportation industry, the benefits of working with a company are not always immediately apparent, so this is especially useful.  SalesForce can also provide sales staff with real world data that can help to sway a deal.

Mobile applications have completely transformed the way that freight and shipping is performed, not only helping to save time, but also making life more convenient.  Of course, having the best technology is only part of providing a good service, but the four apps described above should help you get well on your way.


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