3 ways to make the most of your iPhone photos

3 ways to make the most of your iPhone photos



Pictures are now part of our everyday lives. We are taking photos of everything at every opportunity – from family and friends through to food and flowers. Whether we own a DLSR, compact camera or a mobile phone, we are snapping away and sharing our creations with the rest of the world online.

But is there more that we can do than share our photographs on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Flickr? Facebook users alone are uploading a whopping 350 million photos each day, so how can we make sure our own are seen? If you want to make better use of your iPhone photos, follow our advice below:

#1 Sell your photos to a stock agency

Signing up to a stock photography agency is one of the best ways to make money from your photos. Stock photography agency Dreamstime recently launched a new app called Dreamstime Companion to inspire both professional and non-professional photographers to explore and take photos that have a more updated, modern and ‘in the moment’ look. Photographers can upload their own images directly from your iPhone and earn from $0.35 per download (or 20p in the UK) to hundreds of dollars (or pounds) by getting their photos in front of more than eight million Dreamstime users.


#2 Donate your photos to charity

Every little helps and Johnson & Johnson has created a free app called Donate a Photo that lets you take a photo and share it in the app’s gallery. For every photo you donate (and you can donate every day if you like), $1 will be donated to your chosen cause from a list of charities including Save the Children. It doesn’t stop there either. As a contributor, you can track every cause that you’ve helped so you can see where your efforts have made a difference. The latest causes include helping to rebuild an activity centre for kids and providing a safe place for a family affected by domestic violence.


#3 Share your photos with a resource repository

With the average person taking hundreds of photos from their smartphone, it’s no wonder that more and more people are contributing to a freely licensed media repository website called Wikimedia Commons. Part of Wikipedia, it is a database of 21,894,751 (and counting) freely available media files. Simply upload your photos to the Wikimedia Commons website, which can then be used directly on Wikipedia and other sites. Who knows – your image might even get Photo of the Day!

Don’t let your mobile photos sit on your iPhone or get lost in the social media sphere. Earn money, support a good cause or contribute to the repository. Whatever you choose – be different!


This guest post was contributed by Viorel Dudau, senior editor and content strategist at Dreamstime.


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