15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong

15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong


Happy April Fool’s Day everybody!  As it’s a day of fun, let’s look into some hilarious text conversations  that have been happening on people’s iPhone’s…The iPhone’s Auto Correct function can be a blessing and a curse. If you are having a busy day and need to rush off a quick message to your boss explaining why you are late, then the predictive text can work just perfectly. However, if you are trying to woo a new lover and your iPhone automatically changes the word dating so that you ask them if there is anyone else that they are “eating”, this could lead to an embarrassing text conversation! Damn You Auto Correct showcases some of the funniest ‘Auto Corrects gone wrong’ from around the world; here are the 15 that we found the most hilarious!

1. Family Matters

Family Matters

2. Do Not Disturb

3. Lunch Break

4. Good Chemistry

5. Keeping It In The Family

6. Holy Shit!


7. Stabby Stabby

8. Mother’s Little Helper


9. Non PC Xbox Game

10. Top Drawer

11. P Diddy

12. Starting Them Young

13. Question Of Taste

14. Wrap It Up

15. Dad’s Lucky Night

With special thanks to Damn You Auto Correct!

For more fantastic auto correct mistakes, check out 25 Funniest Auto Correct Mistakes Ever; if you have any funny auto corrects that you have done, we want to see them! Post them on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.


  1. Wow never read this in class when your supposed to be studying…I’m pretty sure me laughing at the computer made me seem like the biggest idiot lol


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