10 Wonderfully Weird And Unusual iPhone Accessories

10 Wonderfully Weird And Unusual iPhone Accessories


Joeybra iPhone App Review
Your choice of iPhone accessories can say a lot about you; it can reflect your personality, interests and fashion taste. Some accessories stand out from the crowd and bend the rules in the face of convention. Check out our top 10 wonderfully weird and unusual iPhone accessories.

1. Gold Knuckles iPhone Case

This aluminium iPhone case contains a 4-ring holder for carrying your device. Its hard shell and shock absorbing features provide an edgy, tough look to the case. You’d be forgiven for thinking this case has a weaponry look, as it resembles a knuckle-duster. Popular amongst celebrities such as Rihanna (possibly used for self-defence), this case is bound to cause some controversy!

 nukles iPhone App Review

Available from: www.nukles.com

Price: $154.00

2. Joeybra

Ladies – if you don’t have an iPhone case to match your outfit, here’s one solution for you! Carry your iPhone in your um…bra! The Joeybra contains a discreet pocket on the side to store credit cards, cash and your iPhone. I’m not sure how easily accessible this solution is when you actually need to use your device or how others will react when they hear ringing from your bra, but hey, it will certainly keep your iPhone safe!

Joeybra iPhone App Review

Available from: www.joeybra.com

Price: $19.99

3. Hand Hook

Creative, clever or a little too human-like? This dock was cast from a real human hand and acts as a docking station for your iPhone. It can be placed on a hard surface or mounted on the wall for docking purposes.  Jury’s still out for us…

handhook iPhone App Review

Available from: www.lazyboneuk.com

Price: £43.99

4. Dog Poop iPhone 4 Case

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but to feature a dog’s poop on your iPhone case takes this sentiment a bit too far! Artistic, unusual or just plain weird…you decide!

Dog Poop iPhone App Review

Available from: www.zazzle.co.uk

Price: £24.95

5. Areaware Alarm Dock

This Areaware Alarm Dock is a classic combination of mixing the old with the new. Resembling wooden furniture accessories from the 1980’s, this dock also charges your device.

Areaware Alarm Dock

Available from: www.areaware.com

Price: $35.00

6. iPlunge Sucker Stand for iPhone and iPod

This quirky iPlunge Sucker Stand acts as a useful accessory for allowing your iPhone to stand vertically or horizontally. This small, handy accessory can be very useful for travel purposes and watching movies. Small, compact and affordable…just a little bit weird.

iPlunge Sucker Stand for iPhone and iPod

Available from: www.amazon.com

Price: £2.23

7. The iSpoon – iPhone Stand

The iSpoon Stand is an unusually handy stand for home or office use. It is designed to hold an iPhone but can also fit iPods and handheld technical devices.  Gobble it up if you like!

The iSpoon – iPhone Stand

Available from: www.etsy.com

Price: $27.50

8. Phonofone iPhone Speaker

This ceramic Phonofone Speaker will amplify the volume emitted from your iPhone fourfold! This modern, unconventional accessory will definitely create a focal point in any home or office.

phonofone iphone speaker

Available from: www.scienceandsons.com

Price: $195.00

9. Smart Pebble Stand

These non-slip silicon pebbles are a fun alternative to standing and angling your iPhone on a packet of cigarettes. The pebbles can be easily stacked to adjust the preferred height and angle; a cool and unique solution!

Smart Pebble Stand

Available from: www.Amazon.com

Price: $11.99

10. Omniscient Siri

If you ever wanted to put a face to Siri, this is it! Virtually frightening or creatively futuristic, the Omniscient Siri acts as both an iPhone case and stand in one.

Omniscient Siri

Available from: www.shapeways.com

Price: 74.50 Euros

Have we missed any?  Drop us a comment below!


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