10 Best iPad 2 Cases

10 Best iPad 2 Cases


10 Best iPad 2 Cases

So you’ve finally given in and bought an iPad 2 and now you are wondering how you can best protect it without losing too much of its gorgeous look and feel?The trouble is, the Apple store doesn’t as yet stock any other iPad 2 cases other than their own multi colour Smart Cover. So, where can you find the best iPad 2 cases? Well, we researched most of the iPad 2 cases out there and tested quite a few of them with the aim of selecting the top 10 iPad 2 cases for our readers. We hope that this will help you in your quest for your dream iPad 2 case.

1. Targus VuScape Protective Cover/Stand for Apple iPad 2

If you love your iPad 2 as much as we do, you’ll want to give it as much protection as you need; we checked out the Targuz VuScape Protective Cover/Stand to see if we could justify allowing it the huge responsibility of looking after our iPad 2.

The tough exterior is scratch resistant, so it already ticked the box of scuffles and drops, but what I really liked about this case was how slim and snug it felt in my hands, almost as if the iPad wasn’t wearing anything at all. It doesn’t cover up the beauty of the iPad 2, but at the same time it feels sturdy enough to shield it from a good sized drop.

The fact that it comes with a built-in stand is an added bonus and it means that you can prop it up on any flat surface, perfect for watching movies or just flicking through web pages. It fits 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, WiFi and WiFi + 3G and comes with a Black/Blue interior; all in all, one of my favourites that I tried.

Price: $32.57 ($10.42 saving)
Link: Targus VuScape Protective Cover/Stand for Apple iPad 2

By Targus

2. BRUNSWICK ENGLAND case for Apple iPad 2

Now this one may seem like it’s for the high rollers, with a price tag of $160, however, we can guarantee that it’s worth every cent, (provided that you can afford it, don’t go getting bankrupt because of us!) The case is made of the finest quality leather and it has a particularly smooth feel to it, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to your iPad 2.

The site says that every single case is checked personally in the UK before being sent out to its new owner and we can well believe it as the case arrived to us in an absolutely flawless condition.

Available in Black, Cranberry and Brown, the Brunswick England is a true gentlemen’s case, or a discernible lady’s; the flip over stand makes it easy to view the screen on a table, so that you can watch a movie or two without having to hold it in your hands. Another nice touch is the fact that the case comes with a cleaning cloth and instructions on how to maintain the condition of the leather. If you’ve got a few bucks lying around, you won’t regret investing in this classy accessory.  If you are a dapper gent or leading lady, then you’ll probably be interested in our 10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 4, where you can browse the perfect leather lined cases to protect your iPhone.

Price: $160
Link: BRUNSWICK ENGLAND case for Apple iPad 2

By Proporta

3. ZAGGfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case

This one is a little bit different from the others in that it comes with a removable Bluetooth keyboard that will allow you to type on your iPad 2 wherever you are.

The design is pretty impressive as it has a microfiber lining that looks as if it could take some bashing and still protect the device. You can also put it on its stand so that you can make full use of it when you’re ‘on-the-go’. Check out the video for a full overview of this neat little gadget.

There we are; for just under 100 bucks, you get a stylish and durable case that also comes with a keyboard to tap away at so that you’re not constantly handling the screen; well worth it in my opinion.

Price: $99.99
Link: ZAGGfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case

By Zagg

4. Hard Shell Back Cover for the Apple iPad 2

If you want full protection for your iPad while simultaneously not breaking the bank, then look no further than the Proporta Hard Shell. This case fits seamlessly with the Apple Smart Cover, which protects the front of your device while the hard shell case will give ultimate protection against knocks and scratches.

It’s not as pretty or stylish as the leather cases on this list, but it is a fraction of the price and will definitely offer decent protection against daily bumps; the texture is fairly solid, as the case is made out of tough polycarbonate and the colours are plain black or white. A simple, no fuss case that will leave you with change to spend on other accessories!

Price: $33.95
Link: Hard Shell Back Cover for the Apple iPad 2

By Proporta

5. iPad 2 Animal Print Versant Case

A great case for anyone who loves animals, (and who doesn’t?!), the Animal Print Versant Case is a real treat for the eyes as well as your iPad; what I liked about the range was that the smart closure magnetized so that it locks the iPad’s screen in place when closed, ensuring that it won’t fall open.

As with many of the cases, the attached ‘gazing strap’ flips over so that you can watch the screen without actually holding the iPad; the real draw here is the vibrant colours that have lovely soft textures and come in Hot Pink Snake, Gold Pink Snake and Gold Cheetah. Also, look out for their Ostrich Textured Cases, which are also beautifully crafted.

Price: $50.00
Link: iPad 2 Animal Print Versant Case

By Case-Mate

6. Aquapac Large Waterproof Case / Pouch for the Apple iPad 2

Anyone who takes their iPad underwater on a regular basis should probably have a look at this one; the Aquapac Large Waterproof Case/Pouch is waterproof up to 5 metres deep and still allows full use of the touch screen as well as all of the switches and buttons.

I should imagine any canoeists or lifeguards would be interested in this, as well as people who spend a lot of time near water; you’d be surprised at how easily water can damage iPads and iPhones and even if you’re insured, a lot of policies don’t protect against water damage. The case comes with a 5-year guarantee and you don’t even have to keep your iPad 2 in it; it can take any object that fit its dimensions of 290 x 250 mm, protecting them from water, sand, mud and snow.

Another cool addition is that if you add an Advanced Screen Protector with High Clarity and Ultra Clear Transparency then you can combine the two purchases and save a couple of dollars…hey, they all count!

Price: $39.95
Link: Aquapac Large Waterproof Case / Pouch for the Apple iPad 2

By Proporta

7. Speck Products SmartShell Lightweight Ultra-Thin Case for iPad 2 – Clear (SPK-A0427)

The smartshell is for people who already own the apple smart cover but are looking to fully protect both sides of their iPad 2. This will be the thinnest, snuggest, most lightweight solution for protecting both sides. The smartshell being clear and a form fitting you don’t loose any of your iPad’s gorgeous aesthetics, touch or feel.

But one thing to be aware of is that the fit is not always completely snug (as reported in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzgV7bFsrgU) and can be a bit wobbly and floppy. However, if you’re looking for an affordable case that will do the job of safeproofing your iPad, then this is the one!

Price: $26.99 ($7.96 saving)
Link: Speck Products SmartShell Lightweight Ultra-Thin Case for iPad 2 – Clear (SPK-A0427)

By Speck Products

8. Aluminium Lined Leather Case for the Apple iPad 2

Now, this is a case that really caught my eye, mainly due to its fairly affordable price tag and the fact that it is made of the ‘finest quality leather’; it has a soft feel to the exterior but it is definitely sturdy enough to offer your iPad 2 invaluable protection, whilst giving you full access to the ports and buttons that let you control the device. The support comes from a tough aluminium plate lining that adds a little weight to the case, but is totally worth it if you ever drop your iPad 2 or get it crushed in a bag.

What I really like about this case is the patterned inside on the checkered version, giving the interior a unique feel; you can also get it in plain black, but I like the stripes! The magnetic clasp activates the sleep/wake function, so turning on your iPad 2 is just like opening a book.  Another fantastic aluminium lined leather case is mentioned in our 10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 4, the definitive list of stylish iPhone cases.

Price: $79.95
Link: Aluminium Lined Leather Case for the Apple iPad 2

By Proporta

9. Targus Versavu 360 Degrees Rotating Stand Case for Apple iPad 2

The most eye catching aspect of this case has got to be the hole between the two flaps that exposes the Apple logo when they are closed; the patented mechanism that works within the case also allows the iPad to swivel both vertically and horizontally whilst in the case. The design is very well thought out and it has a blue stitching that runs all around the case which, upon closer inspection, renders the aesthetic appeal very pleasing indeed.

The tough exterior offers a lot of padding, protecting the iPad from drops and bumps; the only stumbling block is the elastic strap that will divide customers; some will love it, as it’s snug and locks the iPAd in tight, others will not like it, but they can just remove it.

The inside flap that goes against the LCD screen is very soft, so that the screen is protected; what I really like about this particular case is the three grooves that you can angle your iPad at when it’s sitting in an upright position. They will allow for screen glare or different viewing/typing positions and are a really useful feature. For me, this one’s a real winner.

Price: $55.43 ($8.56 saving)
Link: Targus Versavu 360 Degrees Rotating Stand Case for Apple iPad 2

By Targus

10. Shine High Gloss Protective Case Apple iPad 2

This is a case for those who want a ‘leather look’, but also something quite hard wearing and one that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. The high gloss finish ensures that it will certainly impress those who like a touch of glamour, but will also not scuff up easily if you tend to be a little rough with your iPad 2 (don’t disrespect it!)

In addition to doubling up as a stand, the inside sleeve has a document holder, so it will be perfect for businesspeople who want to keep everything in one place, or scatterbrains, (like me!), who tend to lose anything that doesn’t have a designated place.

I do like this case, however, some people may prefer to go for one made of genuine leather or a tougher, more solid case that will withstand harsher knocks. That being said, when I tested this out on my iPad, I dropped it a few times and everything seemed pretty well protected; plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty in case anything does go wrong with it….not a bad deal, really!

Price: $54.95
Link: Shine High Gloss Protective Case Apple iPad 2

By Proporta

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