What Would Paris Hilton Look Like If She Was Fat?

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fat booth iPhone App Review
In the weird and wonderful world of Celebrity-ville, being thin is almost as important as being famous. However, the iPhone has the power to make even the skinniest of stars as fat as a stack of pancakes! Just for fun, using the hilarious Fat Booth app, we transformed five celebrities into chubby versions of their former selves; check out the results below!

Brad Pitt

Celebrity fat booth iphone app review

Jennifer Aniston may finally come to terms with their acrimonious split after she sees how Brad has let himself go!

Paris Hilton

Celebrity fat booth iphone app review

An heiress to the Hilton billions, (but we all know her from that video), it looks like Paris has been squandering her inheritance on pies!

George Clooney

Celebrity fat booth iphone app review

The silver fox looks more like a bloated badger after he’s been put through Fat Booth’s transformation!

Britney Spears

Celebrity fat booth iphone app review

This former pop princess has had more than her fair share of troubles…she may have seeking consolation with her two old friends, Ben and Jerry.

Angelina Jolie

Celebrity fat booth iphone app review

Vampish husband-snatcher or tubby snack-grabber?! It seems like the only tomb Angelina’s been raiding recently is the fridge!

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posted on 17 February 2011

Who cares !

posted on 19 February 2011

This is terrible, who cares indeed! stop makign shite like this, it isnt funny.

posted on 06 March 2012

“…if she WERE fat?” would be the correct way to ask the question. Unless, of course, you’re asking if she had been fat – in the past tense.

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