Top 5 Diet Apps: Lose Weight this New Year for Free!

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Top 5 Diet Apps: Lose Weight this New Year for Free!

Lose Weight – the most popular New Year’s resolution. It’s easy to make the decision; however, actually doing it is a tough mix of good exercise, good diet and good record keeping. If you’re serious about losing weight, the App Store can offer some serious help. We’ve searched, trialed and trained on hundreds of diet apps, to bring you our top five diet apps:

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker – App updated 18th December 2010, Price Free, Developed by My Fitness Pal LLc Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal -

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker iPhone App Review

The most comprehensive calorie counting app in the world. After a few set-up questions, such as your age, gender, height and weight, you’re ready to set targets and time periods. Choose how much weight you want to lose, and when you want to lose it by. The app will then calculate your ideal daily calorie intake, and keep track on if you’re reaching the target.

The app has a comprehensive library of food, so almost anything you eat can be quickly chosen and added to your daily food consumption. The app automatically counts the calories from each food, and gives you daily, weekly and monthly totals.

It even lets you add in exercises, informing you of how many calories you burned and taking it off your daily food intake. Being a dedicated dieter has never been so easy.

StepTrackLite – App updated 23rd March 2009, Price Free, Developed by Aware Technologies StepTrakLite - AWare Technologies

StepTrackLite iPhone App Review

If you’re bored of logging information, use StepTrackLite to monitor how much you move about during the day. It acts as a simple pedometer to measure and track your level of physical activity, whether you’re going for a light stroll or a vigorous jog.

Using the internal accelerometer, the app is configured to work in your hand, in a pocket, on your belt or tucked away in a bag. They’ve even included a music player, so you can keep motivated to “Eye of the Tiger” – or any other song from your iTunes library – while you get fit.

Weight Watchers – App updated 6th December 2010, Price Free, Developed by Weight Watchers International, Inc Weight Watchers Mobile UK - Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Weight Watchers iPhone App Review

You are what you eat. The Weight Watchers app lists a bunch of useful low-fat recipes, so you end up a low-fat person. For each featured food, detailed ingredient lists and cooking instructions are included to make preparation super-easy. The app even rates each meal in terms of preparation time, cooking time and easy of cooking. Perfect.

The app also has a Meeting Finder, for getting you to the closest Weight Watchers meeting, as well as inspiration success stories, useful articles and a Cocktail cheat sheet, to find the tastiest cocktail to fit your diet plan.

Everywhere Exercise Stealth App – App updated 12th January 2011, Price Free, Developed by Everywhere Exercise Everywhere Exercise Stealth App - EvEx - Everywhere Exercise

Everywhere Exercise Stealth iPhone App Review

With hot graphics, great instruction and five free apps to do anywhere, the Stealth App lets you workout wherever you are – or whenever you have a free five minutes. Beautiful videos explain the exercise, and then it’s up to you to carry it out. One of the few apps that teachers you how to tone yourself, this free version comes with abs, legs, arms and core exercises. It’s great – it’s just a shame that you have to pay for the full app!

iMapMyRun – App updated 8th December 2010, Price Free, Developed by MapMyFitness iMapMyRun - MapMyFitness

iMapMyRun iPhone App Review

Using the iPhone’s powerful GPS sensor, iMapMyRun measures the duration and distance of your run. From this information, it works out your pace and speed, keeping track of each at various points.

It gets really good when you setup your account with the website, Once completed, you can save your runs to a training log – alongside maps of the route – so you can see your progress in future. The idea is you’ll watch your distances increase while your times fall.

The app even includes a digital coach to keep you going, who will give vocally give encouragement through your headphones. If you do really well, you can even share your fitness regime with your Twitter account.

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