The Perfect Egg Timer

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The perfect Egg timer iPhone App Review

Cooking an egg is no yolk.

If you like your eggs boiled not poached, your martinis shaken not stirred and your apps like something out of Q’s lab, then this is definitely one for you. The perfect Egg timer (capitalisation of “egg” all their own) takes perfectionism to new heights by concluding that one could not correctly cook an egg as desired without first finding out its diameter, temperature and (of course) the altitude at which you’ll be cooking it. Simply place your egg on your iPhone and the built-in calculator will measure it, whilst GPS will work out your altitude. Choose whether you want your egg liquid, soft, hard or somewhere in between using the sliding scale and then follow the instructions, press start and boil that egg until the alarm sounds. There’s even an “egg spy” which shows you how the egg yolk is looking in “real-time”. Perhaps not a process for every breakfast, but it provides good fun and, more importantly, good eggs.

The perfect Egg timer - Mirko Müller
Developer:: Mirko Müller
Released: 25 October 2010
Price: £1.19
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