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Smart Alarm Clock iPhone App Review

If you’re anything like me then waking up is the hardest part of your day (unless, of course, it’s laundry day and you have to work out which section the powder goes in…nightmare); so when an iPhone app promises to give me the “perfect wake-up time”, my eyes are peeled wide open!

Smart Alarm Clock does much more than just ringing a bell at an ungodly hour; it actually monitors your sleep cycles and offers detailed statistics of your slumber time, which are then used to work out the optimum time for you to wake up. Apparently, the best time for anyone to arise from the land of nod is during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement – not the band, although they do often soundtrack my dreams…) sleep phase when the awakening threshold is minimal.

Wake up to your favourite song…

By using a precise algorithm to monitor your sleep cycles and phases, the clever little iPhone app will wake you up just at the best moment within an allotted time frame. Forget ringing alarm bells, Smart Alarm Clock has 20 special wake-up and chillout tunes pre-programmed to give you a blissful start to the day. So, if you want to wake up somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30, the beautiful music will sound at exactly the right time for you to get the best start to the day.

Who snores the loudest?!

My favourite feature of the app is the fact that it records noises while you sleep; anyone who has ever wanted to prove to their partner that they do snore should delight in this prospect! It will offer you detailed statistics of each disturbance including the time that it occurred and even a playback of the noise; this is particularly hilarious for anyone who talks in their sleep…


For anyone who wants to sleep a little better at night, this app is essential. Even if you have decent sleep patterns, you may benefit from waking up at the optimum time each morning; the downside is that now I have absolutely no good excuse for coming in late to the iPhoneAppCafe office.


The statistics of your sleep phases and patterns are absolutely fantastic, very intricate and detailed (and funny if you record any unexpected noises in the night!).

You can also use binaural beats and guided meditation audios as chillout tracks in order to nod off to a pleasant, ambient sound.

Room For Improvement

I still can’t work out why Michael Stipe serenades me in my sleep; perhaps one of the upgrades will figure this out…

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Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & noise recording - ARAWELLA CORPORATION
Released: Feb 08, 2012
Price: $0.99
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Smoky Joe
posted on 28 February 2012

I downloaded this app to prove to my wife that I don’t snore…apparently I really, really do snore. Great app though, lovely music!

Ms App Lover
posted on 28 February 2012

This is SUCH an awesome app, it makes me feel so chilled in the morning when wake up!!!

David Stead
posted on 28 February 2012

Stumbled across this app a while back when looking for meditation apps; can really recommend it to anyone wanting to make the most out of there day. I didn’t think that it mattered at all when I woke up, but it really does make a difference. Two thumbs up!

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