Rummikub Original Lite: Fun Dutch Tile Game On The iPhone

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Rummikub Original Lite iPhone App Review

Rummikub to the Dutch is what Gin Rummy or Rummy is to Americans. I remember playing this card game with my mother as a young girl. Playing this tile version on my iPhone took a minute to get used to, but it was a simple game to learn.


  • Instructions are clearly provided.
  • Games are challenging, just enough to keep you entertained and not bored because it’s too easy.
  • Connects to Game Center to share your score and information.
  • Three difference levels.
  • Play against your friends or the computer.


  • This is a light version. The description is in Dutch so I am unable to really understand what is provided in the regular version.

Summary: Despite the language difference it still reminded me of fun times as a child and I was able to waste a few hours playing this game. I can certainly see myself playing it again.

Rummikub Original Lite - Games Factory Online
Developer:: Games Factory Online
Released: Jun 01, 2012
Price: Free
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Laura Barnes Laura Barnes
posted on 10 July 2012

Love this game, ss soon as the language barrier is solved I’m gonna be all over this!

posted on 10 July 2012

This game takes me back to my childhood too!

Gavi Schneider Gavi
posted on 11 July 2012

Same here, been playing since I was a little kid.

Hennie van Velzen
posted on 30 July 2012

Everything is in English, also instructions.

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