Rummikub Original Lite: Fun Dutch Tile Game On The iPhone

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Rummikub Original Lite iPhone App Review

Rummikub to the Dutch is what Gin Rummy or Rummy is to Americans. I remember playing this card game with my mother as a young girl. Playing this tile version on my iPhone took a minute to get used to, but it was a simple game to learn.


  • Instructions are clearly provided.
  • Games are challenging, just enough to keep you entertained and not bored because it’s too easy.
  • Connects to Game Center to share your score and information.
  • Three difference levels.
  • Play against your friends or the computer.


  • This is a light version. The description is in Dutch so I am unable to really understand what is provided in the regular version.

Summary: Despite the language difference it still reminded me of fun times as a child and I was able to waste a few hours playing this game. I can certainly see myself playing it again.

Rummikub Original Lite - Games Factory Online
Developer:: Games Factory Online
Released: Jun 01, 2012
Price: Free
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