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Qype iPhone App Review
Of all the location-based apps, Qype has to be the coolest. This is an app that allows you to find any kind of place you want anywhere in the world, read reviews of any venue that you might be about to enter, check if your friends liked it or not and bookmark all of your favourite places so that you have your own personalized city guide. This will mean that you will no longer have to pay extortionate prices to smelly tour guides in strange cities, as they take you on a special tour of their brother’s four jewellery shops where you are pushed to by the crappest necklace you can find just to appease him enough to stop him taking you to his Grandmother’s brothel…(Look, it was my first time in London…). You can use Qype to ‘Check In’ to places, which will publish your location on social networks such as Facebook so that your buddies will be able to find you. The main benefit of Qype is that you will never again be stuck with a ‘where to go now’ question, seeing as you can have rated and reviewed definitions of any local place in any area. Now that, my friends, is cool.

Qype - Qype GmbH
Developer:: Qype GmbH
Released: 19 April 2011
Price: Free
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