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Our Everyday Lunch iPhone App Review

The concept of Our Everyday Lunch is pretty much summed up in its title. Well, it should probably be called everyday dinner, actually. But that’s a small qualm.

Vocab aside, this app has the potential to be a godsend for the indecisive. Organised into four separate weeks, each week comes with five recipes for each day of the week, so you need never wonder what’s for supper (or lunch or dinner) again. What do you mean you want to eat on the weekends, get a takeaway!

What might sound like a useful tool in theory is hampered in reality by the fact that us humans all have different tastes and are quite unlikely to want the single recipe which is suggested for each day. And quite frankly, don’t even bother if you’re vegetarian, allergy-prone or a fussy-eater of any kind because you won’t be catered for.

Lack of variety is taken to the extreme when on closer inspection it’s revealed that of the twenty daily recipes that make up your month of meals there isn’t one dinner that doesn’t include white rice! If I were tied down to this regime for much more than a week I might well be motivated to blitz a few paddy fields in the hope of a global rice shortage that would lead to an updated menu allowing me to explore an alternative carbohydrate or two. Mmm potatoes…

There’s a few clever features to the app, such as being able to add your daily or weekly ingredients onto a shopping list (29 bags of white rice, anyone?) but it’s very crudely done. The list includes no quantities and there’s no way of omitting an ingredient – such as flour – which you may already have lots of in the cupboard. You know, next to all the rice.

It’s worth noting that the app is Portuguese in origin, and whilst this results in a few cases of poor English and an over-use of some less than common ingredients e.g. Heart of Palm, it does mean there’s some interesting dishes on there. Don’t bother using this app to plan your weekly mealtimes, but if you’re in the market for some authentic recipes, then it may be worth it for the 69p price tag. That’s less than the price of a bag of rice, after all.

Our Everyday Lunch for iPhone - IMGNATION Studios
Developer:: IMGNATION Studios
Released: Oct 19, 2011
Price: $0.99
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