News Republic 2.0: Get The Latest News On Your iPhone

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News Republic 2.0 iPhone App Review

Personalize the way you get your Republic news while taking the time to share the piece you just read, the way you want.


  • Hundreds of news sources all in one spot.
  • You can filter by videos, date, and even moods.
  • Twitter and Facebook sharing.
  • Share in email.
  • YouTube links
  • Wikipedia
  • Home screen organization
  • Over 300 publishers.
  • Create personal channels based on your reads.


  • Based in France so it may not appeal to the USA market.

Summary: Global news right at your fingertips. What else is there to say about that? Includes USA, UK, Germany, Italian, Spanish and Latin American news. Like watching CNN? No time to watch? Read with this app instead.

News Republic - Mobiles Republic
Developer:: Mobiles Republic
Released: Jun 08, 2012
Price: Free
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Yiota Marie
posted on 09 July 2012

Another great news app to add to my collection!

Laura Barnes Laura Barnes
posted on 10 July 2012

Does this app only include the big publications? Or can you look into smaller news website etc?

Gavi Schneider Gavi
posted on 10 July 2012

You can never have enough news apps.

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