New iPad A5X Processor Tested Against NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, Is It Really 4 Times Faster?

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One of the biggest new features of Apple’s latest generation iPad is it’s A5X processor. While the A5X found in the new iPad uses the same dual core architecture , it features a quad-core graphics processor. The closest thing to this currently on the market in terms of mobile device processors is the NVIDIA Tegra 3 currently found in the Asus Transformer Prime, which features 4 cores and 12 graphics cores. In terms of the numbers you’d think the new Tegra would have the A5X beat, but it turns out that isn’t the case. During the press conference where the latest iPad was announced Apple stated that the A5X performed 4 times better than the Tegra 3 but is that really true? Well it seems they were exaggerating but only a little bit. The A5X does out class the Tegra 3 in benchmark tests but it isn’t quite at that 4X mark Apple claimed. Either way, this is proof that the new iPad is the most powerful tablet you can buy. Video evidence here.


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