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MyPrice iPad App Review

As a freelancer, no matter how long I am in the game, sometimes I just don’t know what I should charge for a service I offer. When you work with different clients, sometimes you have a client that makes a ridiculous amount of changes. Others are fine with what you create for them. Every minute I spend should be a minute I get paid for, but when you contract out a flat fee and not hourly, it can be a headache trying to figure a rate to charge. This app can help you with that.


  • Offers iPhone and iPad versions, not just the 2X button to make it bigger but a full functioning iPad app.
  • Great introduction on opening app; swipe at your own pace.
  • Uses your area to base price. For someone like me who lives in a less populated area than someone in Boston or NYC, my rates don’t need to be as high as theirs.
  • Cloud based – can be used on multiple devices.
  • Registration right within the app.
  • Handy tips and articles within the app.
  • Connect your Freshbooks account.


  • None that I could see!

Summary: No matter where you live (Australia, Canada, UK, US, Spain, Mexico, and more), this app is perfect for your freelance career. This is the only app I have tried where you can factor in your expenses and get an accurate rate.

MyPrice - MD Interaktiv
Developer:: MD Interaktiv
Released: Apr 27, 2012
Price: Free
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Yiota Marie
posted on 06 July 2012

This sounds really useful!

Gavi Schneider Gavi
posted on 08 July 2012

Yea, haven’t seen anything like it before.

Laura Barnes Laura Barnes
posted on 09 July 2012

Yeah I’ve never heard of this kind of app before, sounds like a handy thing to own for a freelancer. And it just shows that there are still new kinds of apps being created every day!

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