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Useful Apps


Sygic GPS Navigation: World’s Most Installed Offline Navigation App

“You have exceeded the speed limit by sixty six kilometres per hour“, a calm British voice proudly announced to my train carriage. As I scrambled for the volume, a concerning thought crossed my mind; what if the app was actually referring to the train’s speed? We were going pretty fast. What if the driver had [More...]

Folr: Big Mother Is Watching You

In an age where computer and network surveillance are the hot-button issues of the day, JF2 have jumped into the fray with their new app Folr, free to acquire and available for iOS and Android. Folr is a real time, permission based tracking device that utilises GPS, allowing you to trace the whereabouts of children, [More...]
Make It

Make It for Teachers and School ‘Edu-tainment’ App Passes with Flying Colours

The portmanteau ‘edutainment’ is apparently a card carrying member of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This came as news to me, but it is in fact the perfect summation of Planet Factory Interactive’s new educational software ‘Make it for Teachers and School‘, developed for iPad. With a striking number of customisations and options available, ‘Make it’ attempts [More...]
7 Privacy Photo Apps

7 Best Apps to Hide your Private Photos!

We don’t know about you, but a lot of celebs (and a few regular people) take nude selfies with their iPhone. There is nothing wrong with this, however, keeping them inside the phone memory can be a bit risky and become worse in case you share them with relatives by mistake. Maintain your dignity with these seven featured apps [More...]
6 Apps that Foster Learning

6 Apps On Smartphones That Foster Learning

Since smartphones came about, cellphones go far beyond mobile points of contact. Now kids either borrow mommy or daddy’s phone or stay glued to their own for entertainment. [More...]
3 ways to make the most out of your photos

3 ways to make the most of your iPhone photos

Pictures are now part of our everyday lives. We are taking photos of everything at every opportunity – from family and friends through to food and flowers. Whether we own a DLSR, compact camera or a mobile phone, we are snapping away and sharing our creations with the rest of the world online. But is there [More...]

SkyDocs: The Ultimate Cloud File Manager Has Finally Arrived

The Cloud is quickly casting over us, and is adding a whole host of new dynamics to networking and communications as we know them. If your business has a dedicated IT department, then making the switch to future computing is not a major concern. However, for the many small businesses who have to carefully divide [More...]

Aura Photo Editor: Add Unique Filters and Striking Text your Photos

I know what you’re thinking.  There are already loads  of other photo editing apps available in the App Store; why do I need another one?  Well, I thought the same until I explored this free new app and now, over the next few hundred words, I hope to change your mind and show you that [More...]
My Fitness

My Fitness: Best Body Workout App Review

This may not be the first fitness app to be released for iOS, but with such a great deal of functionality and convenience on offer, My Fitness: Best Body Workout is more appealing than many of the other available options. Perhaps the main benefit of the app is that all users can create their own personal plan, customised [More...]
My Data Manager

Genuine solution to save $$$ on monthly phone bill with My Data Manager

My friend once passed out with his Facebook feed open and scrolling whilst we were on holiday in Barcelona.  The ensuing phone bill cost more than the vacation itself and left him eating tins of tuna for the rest of the month in an effort to stay afloat financially.  Now, My Data Manager can’t prevent you [More...]