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TidyUp! Gets Kids To Learn While Cleaning Their Room

Whilst I haven’t walked down the plank towards parenthood just yet, I do have a young niece who is as cute as a button and as messy as an earthquake.  Taking my avuncular responsibilities seriously, I’m going to recommend that my brother and his partner insist that playing new iPad app TidyUp! becomes part of [More...]

Now Sell Your Photos On Android With Clashot

Last year we shared the secret of becoming a freelance photographer with your iPhone, utilising Clashot’s innovative app to earn bucks for your daily snaps. Well, now Android users can get in on the fun as well and with all of the new updates, it seems as if there might be a bit of a [More...]
Money mobile

5 Best Apps For Making Money On Your Mobile

Anyone who has bought their smartphone on a credit card or who has taken out a loan to pay for it is going to want to see some return on their investment. Well, here are five ways to make money, direct from your phone. Enjoy! [More...]

Snippet: Revolutionize Your Reading Experience

Since devices such as the iPad and Kindle have changed the way that we read literature forever, it stands to reason that apps should get in on the revolution as well; enter, Snippet.  Snippet is a free app that gives users a brand new way to read and write, directly engaging with authors via the use [More...]
My Injury

My Injury App is a Doctor in Your Pocket

Whether you’re an extreme sports junkie or a couch potato, there’s no avoiding the fact that at some point in life you are going to suffer personal injury.  This could mean grazing your shoulder after a gnarly snowboard landing in the Alps or tripping over your slippers as you run to the fridge to get [More...]

wobL: Revolutionary Wobble-To-Snooze Alarm Clock

  As a freelance writer, I have invented a million and one excuses to turn my phone’s alarm off in the morning: it’s just an ambulance in my dream, I only need a few more minutes without the pressure of knowing that it’s going off again soon, I’m sure it’s just my girlfriend’s tuneful snoring…the list [More...]

DataDiary Allows You To Monitor Your Smartphone Usage

If you’re anything like me, your monthly smartphone bills are always a bit of a shocker and sometimes they can threaten to trigger a full on cardiac episode; but where does all of my data allowance go?  Is it spent furiously texting pictures of my dog’s latest haircut to my friends?  Uploading embarrassing videos of [More...]

Cravings: Fantastic New Diet App – 10 Free Promo Codes

Unless you’re blessed with the sort of Ryan Gosling/Jessica Alba figure in which fat seems to bounce off you and onto your unfortunate friends, you will be relieved to hear that there is an app that can help you slim down and avoid those cravings that lead to pudgy bellies and porky thighs. [More...]

Blurify: Turn your Photos into Beautiful Wallpaper

If you’re tired of having that boring flower/partner/sunset background on your smartphone, check out Blurify, which will have you creating gorgeous wallpapers in just a few minutes. [More...]

5 Apps That Help Your Business IT Staff

Image via Flickr by Victor1558 IT departments have more responsibilities than ever, and most are doing so on tighter budgets with fewer staff. How can you equip your IT staffers with the best apps to help them manage the workload successfully? Fortunately, there are tons to consider, and some are even free. Here are 5 great apps that [More...]