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Useful Apps

Mozart 2 Pro

Nourish Your Inner Genius With Mozart 2 Pro

They say that the ability to play and read music is one of the best tools that you can use for overall brain development, growth and maintenance. It should come as no surprise then that it’s pretty bloody difficult to master and is said to be as much of a feat as learning a new [More...]
11 iOS Only Apps

11 iOS Only Apps That You Can’t Find On Android

The battle between Android and iOS has been going on forever. Each system has its own ups and downs and moreover, they have specific apps for every possible action. Mobile developers have tried to surpass each other in creating unique and impressive products. Let’s see below a set of the greatest iOS only apps in [More...]
TrackR Bravo

3 Hottest Lifestyle Gadgets For Millennials

In this day and age it can be hard for young people to get by; after the recession hit, we saw fewer jobs for less money, resulting in a wave of unemployment and job dissatisfaction. However, millennials are nothing if not resilient and still being young and full of life they bandied together and created [More...]

Get The Most In Sync Playlist And Become DJ Supreme With BeatGauge

If you’re one of the DJs, fitness instructors or beat-oriented enthusiasts out there who just want a quick and simple way to find a song’s BPM (beats per minute) without having to faff around with a whole load of complicated, external software, then rejoice as your prayers have been answered by none other than BeatGauge [More...]
Apps for Professionals

Top Ten Apps for Real Estate Agents and Professionals

Almost every industry has been affected by the technological development that has swept the world over the last ten years. It is now possible to get an app and access it anywhere on your phone or tablet. These apps can enable you to run a business from the other side of the world, or simply [More...]

AutoFindr: Baby, You Can Find My Car

Picture the scene. It’ll be simple, because we’ve all been there. The hour is late. You emerge from the cinema into the dark-shrouded car park, scanning for your vehicle. The keys are ready, primed in your hand. But, alas. You are too hasty. In the dim, popcorn-fueled interim between leaving your car and returning, you [More...]
Textkraft Pocket

Textkraft Pocket: The Swiss Army Knife Of Writing Tools

Do you ever find yourself scurrying around in desperate search of a pen or scrap of paper? And when that invariably fails or backfires when you unknowingly deface an important letter or bill, you turn to the notes section of your phone. Only that’s clogged up with a series of numbers and scribblings that literally [More...]
Create Booklet

Do Your Part To Help The Rainforests With Create Booklet

With the depletion of the global rainforests, it’s becoming increasingly more important that we cut down on our paper usage. As a writer, I’m probably more of a culprit than others when it comes to unnecessary paper waste. However, with the help of Create Booklet by By Vogelbusch & Co, you can decrease the amount [More...]
The Property

Become The Landlord You Were Always Meant To Be With The Property

“Dear landlord, please don’t put a price on my soul…” Bob Dylan’s paean to unreasonable rent control may have been deeply steeped in metaphor but it’s a sentiment that every renter can relate to. If you don’t want to be the kind of landlord that troubadours bemoan melodically, my suggestion would be to download The [More...]
EaseUS Todo Backup, v8.8

Save Yourself Stress By Backing Up With EaseUS Todo Backup, v8.8

Backing up your computer can, at times, seem overwhelmingly complicated and stressful. But in this day and age most of our lives revolve around our computers and their seemingly infinite capacity to store all of life’s bits and pieces in an ordered and reliable manner. So, in the event that this capacity waivers and our [More...]