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Reach for the Skies

Reach For The Skies: Fun And Learning Take Flight!

Can you have fun while you learn? Historically, the answer has been no. I mean, school wasn’t very fun, was it? Or maybe it was, but specifically the learning part was zero fun. The general consensus is that there is no fun to be had while learning. But then you think of games like Operation; [More...]

Vote for Oozzat?!: The Only App Committed To Online Privacy

Do you value your online privacy? Are you worried about your data being kept and sold on to third parties without your permission? In today’s perpetually online world, it’s an increasing concern. Because the internet appears to be so temporal, users are lulled into a false sense of security. This is particularly apparent when it [More...]

Keep Your Calendar Cool With JotTheDate

Have you ever been bored with your calendar? Sure, they’re a necessity. But do they have to look so bland all the time? Even if you try and dress them up with novelty pictures and themes, at their core they remain the same basic thing. I’ve got one hanging on my wall right now; it’s [More...]

Tengi: Free Chatting For Free Cash

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for something you enjoy? I’m not even talking about work per se. I’m talking about getting paid for leisure. Most of us dream about the type of job that we relish going to, where it doesn’t seem like work at all. Few of us ever make it there [More...]


What’s your biggest dream? You know, the one you think you’ll never get around too, but still hold out hope that one day, some way, you’ll make it a reality? It could be buying a house in Tuscany. It could be riding elephants. It could be traversing the Arctic Tundra. Whatever it is, I assure [More...]
4 Apps That You Couldn't Do Without

4 Apps That You Couldn’t Do Without

Now that smartphones are undeniably here to stay, we’ve grown more than a little accustomed to having them in our lives. Were they to suddenly disappear without trace off the face of the earth, I’m willing to bet that more than a few people would be more than a little disappointed. In fact, I’ll go [More...]
Postcard & Tag

Postcard & Tag: The Weightless Travel Guide To Everywhere

Have you ever been on holiday and not known what to do? I mean, of course you know how to function on holiday, but maybe you just don’t know how to get the best out of your trip. It’s happened to me a few times; the city’s bigger than you thought, the hotel is slightly [More...]

Easter Competition: Win EaseUS MobiSaver

iPhones are fantastic little pieces of gear, but they also have a tendency to fill up with our entire lives. We’ve got everything on there, from photos of our friends and family to our music, from expensive apps to our bank accounts. We all know technology routinely fails, yes, even Apple’s smartly built revolutionary phones, but [More...]
4 Bitcoin Wallets You Need On Your Smartphone

4 Bitcoin Wallets You Need On Your Smartphone

You might have heard of Bitcoin. Although the fledgling digital currency was invented way back in 2008 and introduced globally a year later, it has only started to pick up steam in recent years. Known as a cryptocurrency, which sounds sinister but isn’t, Bitcoin generation is regulated by encryption techniques and is an open source, [More...]