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Useful Apps


SelfMe: Get A Hold Of Your Selfie

Do you have trouble managing your selfies? Are you one of those types who can’t resist firing one off every time you leave the house, regardless of activity? Maybe you keep them for self-preservation, maybe you aim to share every single one of those bad-boys via social media, opinion be damned, or maybe you’re trying [More...]

iSpark: Putting The ‘Social’ Back In Social Network

Cast your mind back to the days before Facebook. Back when mobile phones were used more than just to inform your friend you’d be ten minutes later than the time you’d agreed (via Facebook). Remember when we talked? Having been born in 1980, I don’t want to make it sound like a lecture. But let [More...]
7 apps for designers

7 iPhone Apps Developers & Designers Will Love

There are around 1.2 million apps in App Store, generating over $10 billion in revenue for developers. The availability of such huge number of applications is one of the reasons why iPhone is so popular, aside from its aesthetic design and amazing features. There are even tonnes of appealing iPhone apps for web developers [More...]

MailWise: Get Smart With Your Email

I literally dread sending emails via my phone. Whether it’s via hotmail or gmail (I foolishly operate both, doubling the margin for error), I hate sending mail on the go. There’s too much that can go wrong! One wayward slide of a finger and off it goes (as the actress said to the bishop), half-formed, [More...]

Oozzat!? Knocking At My Door?

How many people across the world have access to your mobile data right now? How many hours have you been active on the internet in your life? What have you said, what have you inferred, sent, searched for, looked up, read about, downloaded? And what could it mean taken out of context? It’s a sobering [More...]

AUTOsist: A Virtual Vehicle History

A detective in one of my favourite films Memories of Murder (2003, South Korea, look it up) has a mantra he repeats many times during the narrative; ‘documents never lie’. Which, despite the brilliance of the film, is not entirely true; a more applicable saying would be ‘a trail of documents from corroborative sources never [More...]
Treble Timer V1

Treble Timer V1: Practice Your Performance…In Everything

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Whether you’ve got an important dinner party approaching and want to time how long the food will take, you’re a budding athlete trying to beat that personal best or you’re preparing for that big speech, Treble Timer V1 makes practice easy. The app allows you to your record [More...]

Dibby: The App That Helps You Claim What’s Yours!

Calling ‘Dibs': the universally recognised term for seeing something you want and claiming it. Similar terms may be known as ‘bagsy’, ‘shotgun’ or slightly more bluntly, ‘that’s mine’. The latter term I learnt from my trainee-wrestler ‘friend’ Bruce. Now, depending on who is making these claims, it may annoy you if someone calls ‘Dibs’ before you. [More...]
Glass Planner

Glass Planner: Talkin’ Bout An Evolution

Traditional calendars and to-do lists are alarmingly static and disarmingly intimidating tools that do little but invoke anxiety in the user. They may have their uses, but I think most people would agree that, in general, they are viewed as adversaries; something to be tackled, wrestled with, bested and annihilated. Wouldn’t it be great to [More...]

Top 5 iPhone Bitcoin Wallet Apps

For those not in the know, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system invented by Japanese mastermind Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Since its introduction, Bitcoin has grown in popularity and is now in use in many different mediums of online business and entertainment, from video games, stock markets and even the bitcoin casino gaming industry. [More...]