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Useful Apps


Use iPhone Parental Controls to Reduce Screen Time

An average teenager spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on their cell phones; this is 20 minutes more than the average night’s sleep and 61% of them are iPhone users. Sleep experts warn parents that continuous exposure to mobile devices is leading to poor sleep habits, which has a direct effect on their health. An [More...]
Best Apps 2015

A Few Of The Best Apps Of 2015

2015 has been a great year for technological advancements and great leaps forward have been made in the world of gadgets – particularly mobile gadgets and online apps. To help you navigate the choices on offer, we’ve put together a list of the best must-have mobile apps for this year. [More...]
Photos on iPhone

A Guide to Taking Incredible Pictures Using Your iPhone

You don’t need a top of the range, ridiculously expensive camera to take incredible pictures. All you really need is you iPhone, and maybe an app or two. This guide will help you to make your pictures look amazing with your iPhone alone. [More...]
Negotiation 360

Negotiation 360: Latest Mobile App To Learn Negotiation

In a business environment that gets more aggressive by the day, mastering the art of negotiation can bring you numerous advantages, regardless of the position you occupy in a company. While knowing how to negotiate correctly can help you obtain a bigger salary, better working conditions or miscellaneous advantages if you’re just an employee, good [More...]
Bellhops Moving App

Avoid The Horrors Of Moving With Bellhops Moving Service App

The agony of moving house is a horror unavoidable by most, whether it’s due to divorce, financial trouble or even a happy occasion such as moving in with a loved one or relocating due to a promotion, the stresses incurred from the disruption of your daily routine will undoubtedly put you in a fragile state. [More...]

Are We Live? We Certainly Are With AireLive

Here’s a thought – do we actually need to pay mobile phone companies for calls and texts anymore? Certainly, that seems to be the way we’re heading. We can communicate with each other through a variety of services, some very cheap and some very free, all without ever touching an actual mobile network. Skype has [More...]
Networking Apps

8 Great Business Networking Apps

It was once extremely difficult to generate new business contacts. Arranging a mutually acceptable meeting or even finding new contacts was a complicated game of cat and mouse. Now, businesses can expand their customer base in just a few clicks of their smart phones. Connections can be made, employees found or even finance generated. There [More...]
May Viva La Video

Was there ever a moment you wished you could share, right then and there? Sure, you could take a video of it and show it around later; but there’s something about being there, even being there vicariously through a screen, that excites us. The recent prizefight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was one of those events; [More...]
5 Business Apps

5 Apps That Are Helping Small To Medium-Sized Business With Management

When running your own business, things can easily get out of control, especially in the beginning when you’re the one pulling all the ropes. A missed meeting with a client, a lost receipt or a miscommunication issue with your team – all these can have a negative impact on your business’ well-being and growth. Luckily [More...]

iSpark: Putting The ‘Social’ Back In Social Network

Cast your mind back to the days before Facebook. Back when mobile phones were used more than just to inform your friend you’d be ten minutes later than the time you’d agreed (via Facebook). Remember when we talked? Having been born in 1980, I don’t want to make it sound like a lecture. But let [More...]