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Useful Apps

Treble Timer V1

Treble Timer V1: Practice Your Performance…In Everything

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Whether you’ve got an important dinner party approaching and want to time how long the food will take, you’re a budding athlete trying to beat that personal best or you’re preparing for that big speech, Treble Timer V1 makes practice easy. The app allows you to your record [More...]

Dibby: The App That Helps You Claim What’s Yours!

Calling ‘Dibs': the universally recognised term for seeing something you want and claiming it. Similar terms may be known as ‘bagsy’, ‘shotgun’ or slightly more bluntly, ‘that’s mine’. The latter term I learnt from my trainee-wrestler ‘friend’ Bruce. Now, depending on who is making these claims, it may annoy you if someone calls ‘Dibs’ before you. [More...]
Glass Planner

Glass Planner: Talkin’ Bout An Evolution

Traditional calendars and to-do lists are alarmingly static and disarmingly intimidating tools that do little but invoke anxiety in the user. They may have their uses, but I think most people would agree that, in general, they are viewed as adversaries; something to be tackled, wrestled with, bested and annihilated. Wouldn’t it be great to [More...]

Top 5 iPhone Bitcoin Wallet Apps

For those not in the know, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system invented by Japanese mastermind Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Since its introduction, Bitcoin has grown in popularity and is now in use in many different mediums of online business and entertainment, from video games, stock markets and even the bitcoin casino gaming industry. [More...]

ShutterBee: Tracking All Your Trekking

Unless you’re doing it with friends or a partner, travelling can get very lonely. Even in the company of someone else, moving from country to country, continent to continent can still be a very solitary activity. It’s also stressful, sometimes to such a degree that we forget to savour the moment. Auslogics attempts to address [More...]
Productivity Apps 2015

Top 4 Apps to Increase Your Productivity in 2015

Recent studies show that Americans have around 40 apps on their smartphones, however the average time spent using them is just around 30 minutes per month. Other studies have uncovered that even though we are very eager to try new mobile models, we have yet to take full advantage of the benefits these devices have [More...]
8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile

8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile

In this online world of screens and emails, we can forget how pleasant it is to hold something in your hand that can be passed around, read from or scribbled on, be it a letter, a sketch or a funny meme of your best mate passed out drunk on the toilet. Here are 8 ways to [More...]
Green Box Heroes

Defenders of Nutritional Justice Unite In Green Box Heroes

Getting kids to eat their greens is one of those borderline stereotypical hurdles that most parents will come up against in the rearing of their young’uns. Wouldn’t it be great to actively engage the kids, to give them some sense of the value of these types of foods? The app world has provided an answer. [More...]

Help Keep Grandparents In The Picture With BigHappyInbox

Do you ever have trouble keeping in touch with older relatives? Sure, maybe you’ve kitted them out with the latest gadgets, but somewhere down the line there’s always a missed text, a deleted email or an upside-down photograph of the grandchildren. And can you blame them really? If you were born in the age of [More...]

Photography Just Went Hands Free! Manfrotto KLYPAPP is Here!

Attention photography buffs! KLYPAPP is the first hands free photo capture App developed by Manfrotto. Simply clap your hands to take a picture or video and share them immediately with your friends! Once your picture is taken use the KLYPAPP functions to edit your pictures and make them look even better. Crop your pictures, enhance the [More...]