Newsmeter: News Tailored Just For You

In today’s online world, it’s an inescapable fact that we are bombarded by news items on an almost second to second basis. It’s seemingly limitless. Upon entering the Twittersphere, every site you encounter usually features coverage on something; with some appearing more spurious than others, as we all know too well. Have you ever thought [More...]
Best Games 2014

5 Mind Blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch games released in 2014

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, chances are one of the primary uses for the device is gaming. Nobody can really blame you, though – the devices are perfectly suitable for the task, and the ever-increasing number of games make this segment a bit hard to ignore. Be that as it may, [More...]
Document Writer

Press Release: Mindspeak Software Announced Document Writer Update 4.3.2

(First published on PR Mac) Mindspeak Software, the leader in iOS productivity and business apps, today is proud to announce the release of Document Writer 4.3.2, an update to its latest productivity application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest in a series of innovative products introduced to Apple users by Mindspeak Software, Document Writer [More...]
Cloud-based POS

Upgrading to Cloud-Based POS: What you Need To Know

It wasn’t too long ago that a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system that also has content and inventory management capabilities as well as other features was such a far-fetched idea. But today, such systems already exist and you don’t have to pay a fortune to use them. So, should you switch to cloud-based POS? Read [More...]
Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design vs. Adaptive Web Design: Which is Better?

A hot topic in web developer circles over the past couple of years has been a question of superiority – Responsive Web Design or Adaptive? It is of course not a new debate; yet it has certainly taken on more significance recently with the popularity surge of Smartphones, tablets and similar devices. It is becoming [More...]
No Trespassing

No Trespassing: How to Increase Security and Privacy on All of Your Devices

In a world that is increasingly device driven and internet-based, it is important more important than ever to protect yourself and your information. You’ve probably been warned about basic precautions to take, but you can always stand to be more protected. Odds are that your friends and contacts, information about your job and home, [More...]
iPad POS

iPad POS: Is It Really the Future?

The majority of people think of a regular cash register when talking about a store or a business of some kind. However, the future has come, and in our days there is no need for a traditional cash register; they have been substituted for iPad POS systems. You might think that the small businesses don’t [More...]

Sync 7 Devices at once with HUB IT, the World’s Fastest All-in-One Sync and Charge Station

One day there will be no batteries, no chargers, no wires to connect our devices to power sources.  All of our smartphones and tablets will be powered by solar energy and all we’ll need is a brief walk in the sunshine to have enough charge for a year.  However, until that glorious day arrives, you [More...]
SEO Tips

Top Tips for Ranking Apps in Search Engines

With an ever-growing ocean of mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play, businesses face the challenge of actually putting their app in front of their target audience. There is now a plethora of alternatives for all apps on the market, and with heavy competition, gaining your desired level of exposure can be quite [More...]
3 Travelling Accessories

20% Off Three Must-Have Accessories for the iTraveller

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Augustine of Hippo never spoke a truer sentence; actually, he might have done, but this is the only quote of his that I know.  If any tech-heads out there are also voracious readers of the world and like to flick between its pages [More...]