Productivity Apps 2015

Top 4 Apps to Increase Your Productivity in 2015

Recent studies show that Americans have around 40 apps on their smartphones, however the average time spent using them is just around 30 minutes per month. Other studies have uncovered that even though we are very eager to try new mobile models, we have yet to take full advantage of the benefits these devices have [More...]
5 Business Apps 2014

5 Essential Business Apps of 2014

You may already know that business apps have always attracted a great deal of interest, and as they have developed, they have also increased in importance within the business world. This was reinforced during 2014, when Apple surged ahead of competitors, assuming a commanding lead as the dominant platform in the business and enterprise app [More...]
Cloud Telephony

Why Cloud Telephony Is The Right Solution for Your Business?

Mobile VoIP users will reach 1 billion by 2017, according to what a recent report by Juniper Research predicted. As Voice over IP (VoIP) adoption is increasing at a fast pace, this technology is changing the business landscape. Thus, if you want to run a dynamic business successfully, an all-in-one solution like VoIP can be [More...]
YouTube Minute

What Happens in a YouTube Minute?

Making over $10,000,000 every minute sounds like a task for Michael Jackson’s hologram or Leonardo Di Caprio’s character Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.  However, it’s all in a day’s work for the most popular online video service, YouTube, as our  buddies over at YTD explain in this illuminating infographic. [More...]
8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile

8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile

In this online world of screens and emails, we can forget how pleasant it is to hold something in your hand that can be passed around, read from or scribbled on, be it a letter, a sketch or a funny meme of your best mate passed out drunk on the toilet. Here are 8 ways to [More...]

News: MAPS.ME is now free on both Android and iOS

If you’re anything like me, you could get lost inside of a paper bag.  What you’re doing inside a paper bag is anyone’s guess, but without a decent GPS app, you’re going to be in there for a long time.  That’s why you should be excited that MAPS.ME is now available on iPhone and Android [More...]
6 iPad apps

Faster and More Efficient Internet Marketing with These 6 iPad Apps

Digital marketing is the primary medium for advertising and brand exposure today. The average marketer is on the move and is not always siting behind a desk on a computer managing marketing tasks. Tablets like the iPad are the number one tool at a modern marketer’s disposal because it is easy to carry around. [More...]
Worst apps for kids

5 Worst Apps for Kids that are a Must-Avoid

Not so long ago a 10-year-old with a cell phone was as common as a cop that hates donuts. Nowadays, though, seeing a 10-year-old with a smartphone is not something very uncommon anymore, and while a lot of people agree that it’s not something very normal either, it’s still a hard reality– kids and technology [More...]
Ease US

Ease US helps save precious Mac Documents

You know that whenever you are using a Mac platform using your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro et al., it is one of the most reliable devices coupled with a solid operating system that seldom gives you any sort of problems. However, sod’s law dictates that that sooner or later problems will happen and it’s best to be [More...]
Manfrotto KYLP

Say Cheese! Manfrotto Case with LED Light brightens up any picture

Unless you are a professional photographer or have a serious penchant for 1930s nostalgia and run around in a Dick Tracy-esque mac trying to get the skinny on the latest scoop, it’s doubtful that you have an external ‘flash’ for your camera or iPhone.  That’s about to change.  The Manfrotto KLYPAPP that we wrote about last [More...]