SEO Tips

Top Tips for Ranking Apps in Search Engines

With an ever-growing ocean of mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play, businesses face the challenge of actually putting their app in front of their target audience. There is now a plethora of alternatives for all apps on the market, and with heavy competition, gaining your desired level of exposure can be quite [More...]
3 Travelling Accessories

20% Off Three Must-Have Accessories for the iTraveller

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Augustine of Hippo never spoke a truer sentence; actually, he might have done, but this is the only quote of his that I know.  If any tech-heads out there are also voracious readers of the world and like to flick between its pages [More...]
Six Non-Traditional Devices that Can Charge Your Smartphone

Take Charge: Six Non-Traditional Devices that Can Charge Your Smartphone

Ever since the smartphone became hugely popular, many inventors have been seeking to eliminate its Achilles’ heel: battery life. Numerous options exist for smartphone users who want to get their batteries charged on the go or in emergencies. The most obvious ones include power banks, which are basically just back up batteries for your smartphone [More...]

Recover all of your lost data with EaseUS MobiSaver Free

EaseUS MobiSaver Free is an exciting new recovery tool which provides its users with real value and completely eliminates the need to employ expensive services to recover your lost data. The innovative software is the first to be developed which provides completely free data recovery for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. [More...]
Android hit by Ransomware

Android Gets Hit by Ransomware

If you’re an Android user, you may need to be a little extra cautious. A new malware is on the loose, capable of taking the photos, videos and documents on your phone hostage and demanding a ransom for their restoration. Dubbed as SimpleShocker, the trojan is currently targeting the Android users in Eastern Europe, though [More...]

iPhoneGlance: iPhone App Review Site

Here at FanAppic, we’re obsessive about bringing you reviews of the best apps on the market; however, we understand that, try as we may, we simply don’t have the fingers and thumbs to test every single app that’s released.  This is why we partner up with sites like iPhoneGlance who also publish iPhone app reviews and recommend [More...]

Are Adobe Certification Exams An Effective Way Of Measuring Abilities?

Do Adobe certification exams measures your real abilities, or are they just tests with random questions that you have to pass to get certifications? Many wonder how a multiple choice test can measure abilities, and they are right to ask. Exams that measure abilities can be difficult to pull off. [More...]

Wondershare: Manage Your iOS Devices with One Click

Oh, Apple, how I love thee; your wonderful products have kept me entertained ever since we began our love affair some eight years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  However, I was wondering if I could perhaps have a little more control in our relationship?  What’s that?  You’d like to bring in an extra [More...]

CodeMe: Create a Safety Net for Lost Belongings

It’s the age-old quandary; if you found a wallet that’s stuffed full of cash, would you hand it in to the police or would you go on a spending spree?  The thing is, this situation is almost always going to stay in the realms of the hypothetical, but we do find other things all of [More...]

Reasons to Control your Child’s Smartphone

The rise in popularity of smartphones shows no signs of slowing down, and they are no longer just the preserve of business people who need to make use of emails whilst on the go. Now that we all have access to inexpensive smartphones and tablet computers, it seems as though the whole world wants to [More...]