Worst apps for kids

5 Worst Apps for Kids that are a Must-Avoid

Not so long ago a 10-year-old with a cell phone was as common as a cop that hates donuts. Nowadays, though, seeing a 10-year-old with a smartphone is not something very uncommon anymore, and while a lot of people agree that it’s not something very normal either, it’s still a hard reality– kids and technology [More...]
Ease US

Ease US helps save precious Mac Documents

You know that whenever you are using a Mac platform using your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro et al., it is one of the most reliable devices coupled with a solid operating system that seldom gives you any sort of problems. However, sod’s law dictates that that sooner or later problems will happen and it’s best to be [More...]
Manfrotto KYLP

Say Cheese! Manfrotto Case with LED Light brightens up any picture

Unless you are a professional photographer or have a serious penchant for 1930s nostalgia and run around in a Dick Tracy-esque mac trying to get the skinny on the latest scoop, it’s doubtful that you have an external ‘flash’ for your camera or iPhone.  That’s about to change.  The Manfrotto KLYPAPP that we wrote about last [More...]
Top 3 iPhone Apps That Pay out Real Money

Top 3 iPhone Apps That Pay Out Real Money

Gambling’s fun. But it’s only really fun if there’s real money at stake. Some would say it’s only real gambling if there’s real money at stake. But those would be the addictive personalities talking. These days, you can even win money through your phone; while waiting for a bus, while you’re between meetings, wherever takes [More...]

Photography Just Went Hands Free! Manfrotto KLYPAPP is Here!

Attention photography buffs! KLYPAPP is the first hands free photo capture App developed by Manfrotto. Simply clap your hands to take a picture or video and share them immediately with your friends! Once your picture is taken use the KLYPAPP functions to edit your pictures and make them look even better. Crop your pictures, enhance the [More...]

FanAppic fans get 25% off USB TurboCharger 7000 for the next week!

Oh, we do like to treat our loyal fans and nothing says ‘treat me’ like generous discounts on awesome products.  The folks over at Proporta have generated a 25% discount on their USB TurboCharger 7000 that is live until November 7th.  Yes, yes, you’re welcome, now get over there and get it! [More...]
Tablet POS

4 Reasons Tablet POS Systems Are Here To Stay

Tablet-based POS systems are here to stay, but retailers have yet to adapt to the use of tablets and smartphones as billing systems. In fact, most retailers are waiting to see how the tablet-based POS system works out, according to BSM Info. This is not surprising, especially since new technology always takes some time to [More...]

Newsmeter: News Tailored Just For You

In today’s online world, it’s an inescapable fact that we are bombarded by news items on an almost second to second basis. It’s seemingly limitless. Upon entering the Twittersphere, every site you encounter usually features coverage on something; with some appearing more spurious than others, as we all know too well. Have you ever thought [More...]
Best Games 2014

5 Mind Blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch games released in 2014

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, chances are one of the primary uses for the device is gaming. Nobody can really blame you, though – the devices are perfectly suitable for the task, and the ever-increasing number of games make this segment a bit hard to ignore. Be that as it may, [More...]
Document Writer

Press Release: Mindspeak Software Announced Document Writer Update 4.3.2

(First published on PR Mac) Mindspeak Software, the leader in iOS productivity and business apps, today is proud to announce the release of Document Writer 4.3.2, an update to its latest productivity application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest in a series of innovative products introduced to Apple users by Mindspeak Software, Document Writer [More...]