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Video Reviews


iPhone 5 Teardown & Repair Directions by DirectFix

The iPhone 5 is finally here and, yes, we’re all very excited about it; what I’m particularly excited about at the moment, however, is that our friends over at DirectFix have just released a full HD teardown of the iPhone 5. The video includes directions on how to tear the iPhone 5 down and replace/repair [More...]

iLid Wooden Cover + Stand iPad 3 & 2 Review | 2 in 1 Review!

Here’s a very simple but effective way to protect the screen of your iPad 2. There are two different styles of covers, one being just a cover and the other a cover and a stand. I will take a look and review both of them in this video. They come in three different types of [More...]

Macbook Pro Sticker Video Review: The Decal Guru

If you’d like to adorn your MacBook Pro with fun and funky stickers then look no further than this video review; you can also stick them on all sorts of gadgets, so even if you don’t drink from the font of Apple, slurp up elsewhere by plastering them on your other hardware. [More...]

CueTab iPad 3 & 2 Case Video Review

Are you in need of an iPad 3 or 2 case that can balance on a surface in either portrait or landscape position? You may be in luck! [More...]

Tutorial: How To Make FREE Custom RingTones For iPhone 4s & 4

For anyone who has decided that the standard Apple ringtones just aren’t working for them anymore then you need to check out this video which gives you a tutorial on how to make the best ringtones for your iPhone. Feel free to share it with your friends and see who can come up with the [More...]

Evouni iPad Leather Arc Case Video Review

In the market for a new iPad case? Love leather? Check out our latest review of the Evouni iPad Leather Arc Case! [More...]

PhoneSuit Video Review: 2 in 1 Battery & Case for iPhone 4s & 4

Do you find it annoying when your iPhone runs out of battery? I find that it’s always when you need to make that last call to my girlfriend to say that I won’t be home until late…needless to say, we have a rocky relationship. Anyway, save yourself from poor battery strength and marital discord by [More...]

Evouni Leather Arc Cover iPhone Case Video Review

If you can’t get enough of the leather look (wallet, jacket, uh…trousers?!), then accessorize your iPhone by getting an Evouni Leather Arc Cover Case, which will give you an iPhone that is cooler than The Fonz on a warm day. [More...]

Smart Cell Phone Cobra Mini Mount Video Review

If you travel a lot then you’ll know the frustration of not being able to use your smartphone when your on the road; check out our video review of the Cobra mini mount that allows you to chat in your car with your hands free to steer you where you want to go. Alternatively, stick [More...]

iPad 3: First Impressions and Hands On Video Review

The iPad 3 is finally here! Is it worth the wait? Can it live up to the hype? And were all the rumored updates added to the new model? Have a look at our video from JrProductionx and see what our video accessories man has to say about Apple’s new product. [More...]