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ShutterBee: Tracking All Your Trekking

Unless you’re doing it with friends or a partner, travelling can get very lonely. Even in the company of someone else, moving from country to country, continent to continent can still be a very solitary activity. It’s also stressful, sometimes to such a degree that we forget to savour the moment. Auslogics attempts to address [More...]
Survivors: The Quest

Survivors: The Quest: A Lost-esque Puzzler With Plenty Of Life

How long could you survive on a desert island? Think about it in reality. I would say, in my case, maybe three weeks before dying a slow death of hunger and/or thirst depending on the amount of rainfall on my particular island. The whole thing sounds kind of exotic in the abstract; palm trees, tropical [More...]
Hang w/

Hanging With The Cool Kids On Hang W/

What’s the age where you begin to feel behind the curve? Speaking of which, is ‘behind the curve’ even a phrase? Am I now so behind I’m actually ahead? Who knows. But no doubt there comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel like William Holden after he falls off his horse in Peckinpah [More...]
Mahjong Journey

Mahjong Journey Rediscovers The Most Classic of Classical Classics

The Asians are notorious for their gaming skill. That’s not an unfavourable stereotype, merely a fact. They’re damn good at puzzles. Having been repeatedly floored by a Japanese barman at Connect Four, I can personally attest to this. I have a limited amount of experience with Go, the ancient Chinese chess-like game whose name translates [More...]
3asy Money

3asy Money: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Doing these reviews often puts a particular song in my head. For whatever reason, my brain decides to link the app title immediately to a song. I’m going to play a game. I’ve got a song in my head now for this particular app. You go ahead and get one too. At the end I’ll [More...]
5 Business Apps 2014

5 Essential Business Apps of 2014

You may already know that business apps have always attracted a great deal of interest, and as they have developed, they have also increased in importance within the business world. This was reinforced during 2014, when Apple surged ahead of competitors, assuming a commanding lead as the dominant platform in the business and enterprise app [More...]
Android Entertainment Apps

All Eyes on Android: Top 5 Free Entertainment Apps

Android is known for its independent attitude. It’s not the polished darling ­child of Apple, and so it gets hated on a lot. But, for all of its faults, ‘Droids have some seriously good entertainment apps. If you’ve never really explored the capabilities of your device, check this list out. [More...]

FastWord Makes Word Games A True Family Affair

I would like to assume there aren’t many competitive arenas where I’d lose to a five-year-old child. Contests such as General Knowledge, Long Jump, Curling and Wrestling are all areas where I reckon I’d have the edge. However, I fear the five-year-old champion of FastWord, the new competitive word puzzler app, new and out now [More...]

Wargaming has finally released World of Tanks Blitz on Android

World of Tanks Blitz is the name and blowing up tanks is the game. You’ll be conducting tank warfare in one of ten different arenas with over 100 iconic tanks from Great Britain, Germany, United States, and USSR. Fancy challenging your iOS friends to a tank duel? Not to worry as cross-platform play is available from [More...]
ALIVE Video Editor

ALIVE Video Editor Brings ‘Em To Life

Have you ever taken a video with your iPhone (vertically no doubt, as it seems the whole globe collectively forgets to turn the thing horizontally for a better ratio) and been subsequently disappointed with the result? Maybe it hasn’t captured exactly the right tone. Maybe the necessarily grainy quality of the phone has rendered a [More...]