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Farmbloxx: All The Fun Of The Farm

Ever wanted to run your own farm? Seems like an exciting, whimsical proposition, but the realty of it is probably far less appealing. You’re knee-deep in mud every day, the animals need constant feeding and herding, and you’re up at the crack of dawn to tend to whatever early morning business farmers get up to. It’s [More...]
Reach for the Skies

Reach For The Skies: Fun And Learning Take Flight!

Can you have fun while you learn? Historically, the answer has been no. I mean, school wasn’t very fun, was it? Or maybe it was, but specifically the learning part was zero fun. The general consensus is that there is no fun to be had while learning. But then you think of games like Operation; [More...]
The Menu Says

The Menu Says: Vive La France! (Long Live France!)

We all know how the French like to keep things in their own language if at all possible. This is especially true when it comes to their menus. French people are rightly very proud of their cuisine, and don’t miss an opportunity to keep the dishes in their authentic dialect. Which makes for great atmosphere, [More...]
Finnish Online Casino App is Conquering the Gaming Market

Finnish Online Casino App is Conquering the Gaming Market

Finland is a country that’s on everyone’s lips when it comes to mobile apps. These guys are pumping out high quality games and apps non-stop and, once again, they have hit gold with an online casino app that helps you find the best casinos. [More...]

The Holy Trinity Is Under Attack! Find Out Why By Playing

The father, the son and the holy spirit may have had their last hurrah holding the title of the holy trinity, after the Almighty success of smash hit the ‘dot io’ family saw the birth of, although not quite as popular as the original granddaddy, held a firm place in the hearts [More...]
BC Blackjack

You’re Just Not Ready For Me Kid, Get Practicing With BC Blackjack

“You’re good, kid, but as long as I’m around, you’re second best, you might as well learn to live with it.” Well bollocks to that I say, don’t learn to live with anything, just learn. BC Blackjack is the new casino app that puts in the extra miles to make sure that you’re gambling like [More...]

Ditch Social Media Vanity And Save The Elemelon Universe Instead

Since social media’s inception, film and literature haven’t been afraid of creating dystopic fantasies that warn against humanity’s narcissism stemming from its self-promotional elements, but recently there’s been some interest from the gaming community as well. Elemelons is a lighthearted puzzle game, which takes a humorous jab at society’s ever-growing vanity and flips it [More...]

The Best Image Editor Software To Enhance Your Photos

Everybody down to your neighbours cat seems to be using some form of picture editing software these days, whether it’s a cheeky holiday snap, fun times with the family or simply what you had for dinner, the pressure to make life look ‘picture perfect’ is only growing. But with the hundreds of different apps now [More...]

Vote for Oozzat?!: The Only App Committed To Online Privacy

Do you value your online privacy? Are you worried about your data being kept and sold on to third parties without your permission? In today’s perpetually online world, it’s an increasing concern. Because the internet appears to be so temporal, users are lulled into a false sense of security. This is particularly apparent when it [More...]