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PuzzleFace: Guess That Celebrity’s Mug!

Andy Warhol once proclaimed that, “We will all be famous for 15 minutes.”  Well, the window of fame has shrunk since Andy’s time, especially when it comes to PuzzleFace and the 20-second time limit that it gives users to guess the face of the distorted celebrity on their smartphones.  Welcome to the latest celebrity guessing [More...]

BooDooArt: Draw Yourself A Date

The traditional stereotype of an artistic soul is someone who spends hours and hours slaving away at their myriad masterpieces, holed up in their studio and rarely mixing with the hoi polloi.  Well, new app BooDooArt means that whether you’re a talented loner or a simple sketcher looking to meet new people, you can get [More...]

TidyUp! Gets Kids To Learn While Cleaning Their Room

Whilst I haven’t walked down the plank towards parenthood just yet, I do have a young niece who is as cute as a button and as messy as an earthquake.  Taking my avuncular responsibilities seriously, I’m going to recommend that my brother and his partner insist that playing new iPad app TidyUp! becomes part of [More...]
Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck Poker: One To Keep Up Your Sleeve

Paul Newman once proclaimed that, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned,” in his pool shark movie The Hustler; now, I’m sure that I could get some pretty decent odds in trying to sink the 8-ball with my iPhone but I decided to take the safer route and try and fleece some online [More...]

Now Sell Your Photos On Android With Clashot

Last year we shared the secret of becoming a freelance photographer with your iPhone, utilising Clashot’s innovative app to earn bucks for your daily snaps. Well, now Android users can get in on the fun as well and with all of the new updates, it seems as if there might be a bit of a [More...]

Yapert: All Your Favourite Photos & Videos In One App

If a picture tells a thousand words then the surfeit of selfies, snaps and silly little photos that are uploaded every day amounts to an infinite novel that we will never get the chance to read. However, a new image and interest social networking app Yapert provides the CliffsNotes version so we can all flick [More...]
Sky Tribes

Sky Tribes: Pillage to Build Your Village

When somebody uses the word ‘anarchy’ nowadays, pedants will often correct them with the information that in its archaic form, the term simply means ‘self-governance’; well, I’d like to see these know-it-alls try to explain this to one of the axe-wielding characters in Sky Tribes, the new PvP game from YMC Games. [More...]

Long Distance runner, Anna Judd set to live stream her charity run across America using the Hang W/ app.

In order to raise awareness and funds for American Veterans, Anna Judd will be running across America in 100 days and will be sharing her epic experience with devoted fans and supporters. Hang W/, the social media platform that live streams video and simultaneous chat, is the perfect choice of app for Anna on her mission, [More...]
Money mobile

5 Best Apps For Making Money On Your Mobile

Anyone who has bought their smartphone on a credit card or who has taken out a loan to pay for it is going to want to see some return on their investment. Well, here are five ways to make money, direct from your phone. Enjoy! [More...]

Hit Me! Indie App Developer Doubles Down

It’s no secret that app developers are the rock stars of the burgeoning tech space. Who would have thought 20 years ago that “sexy” and “software developer” could coexist in the same sentence? These are interesting times, indeed. [More...]