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SocialPoint: Keeping Your Social Media Life On Point

Wouldn’t it be great if the online world was a little more straightforward? There’s so much to contend with these days, so much information flowing around, so much stuff to engage with, that it can all get too much. Especially if you’re attempting to promote yourself somehow via social media (there’s a debate to be [More...]

Oozzat!? Knocking At My Door?

How many people across the world have access to your mobile data right now? How many hours have you been active on the internet in your life? What have you said, what have you inferred, sent, searched for, looked up, read about, downloaded? And what could it mean taken out of context? It’s a sobering [More...]

AUTOsist: A Virtual Vehicle History

A detective in one of my favourite films Memories of Murder (2003, South Korea, look it up) has a mantra he repeats many times during the narrative; ‘documents never lie’. Which, despite the brilliance of the film, is not entirely true; a more applicable saying would be ‘a trail of documents from corroborative sources never [More...]

Read Good and Big with GoodReader

The PDF is undoubtedly a tricky format to manage. Great for reading. Appalling to work with. Have you ever tried to copy one of those bad boys into MS Word? There’s a host of online programs, some dodgier than others, that switch, change up, annotate and send out your PDF into anything you want it [More...]
Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes: You Can Play Your Own Way

What does it take to become a hero these days? I’m talking video games here by the way, not saving the life of a drowning child or some equally noble feat. You think virtual heroes, you think RPGs. Sure, RPGs are fun. But don’t you ever get bored of all that ‘grinding’, as the kids [More...]

Family app Funifi understands the value of listening to kids!

The team over at Funifi has approached user-feedback in an innovative way, reaching out to schools in London and gaining invaluable feedback directly from the key users themselves – the kids! This family app, which allows parents to assign tasks for their kids, using reward based incentives proved a success amongst various primary aged children across [More...]

You Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To BoxOff

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game I’m currently addicted to. It’s a Japanese RPG for the 3DS, and it consumes much of my time. The life or death stakes (if a player dies on you they are gone, baby gone for good) combined with the team-bonding aspects make this one a sure-fire winner.  An epic [More...]
6 Bizarre and Addictive Apps

6 Bizarre iOS apps that can make you an addict

As our brains get more inventive and technology becomes more advanced, it’s not uncommon for developers to create bizarre yet addictive apps. Some are incredibly useful while others are just meant to brighten our spirit. The array is vast and some creations are hands down uncanny. Here are a couple of iOS apps that could [More...]
Noodles Now

Dice With Death And Fast Food In Noodles Now

How far off are we from levitating vehicles at this stage? Some said we’d all be flying them by 2015; in fact, people like Stanley Kubrick thought we might not even make it to 2015, if 2001: A Space Odyssey is anything to go by. A quick google search informs me we are indeed still [More...]

Grapeful: Your Guide To Fine Wine-Dining

I don’t drink wine, at all, never have. That’s not true actually; ironically, the only place I’ve ever drunk wine is at mass. Such a rebel. Anyway, despite not having a penchant for wine, I’ve heard enough people talk about it to know it’s damn important, especially when it comes to meals. And although I [More...]