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OfficeSuite Free – for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF documents editing: Review

What is there not to like about OfficeSuite? It’s a highly intuitive reader and editor for those who own an iPad or an iPhone that wishes to make the full use of word editing documents, spreadsheets and a powerful presentation tool. It’s like owning the best three features of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. [More...]
6 iPad Office Apps

6 iPad office apps that every business personnel should use

The iPad has become a fundamental device in the business environment. CEOs use it, managers use it, and even employees need such a device to work faster and render much better results. The key to increasing productivity with an iPad lies in the apps that are readily available in the App Store. Some of these [More...]

Dungeon crawling action RPG Taichi Panda has officially launched on iOS and Android

Snail Games’ action RPG, Taichi Panda, has officially left soft launch and is now available in most regions on iOS and Android along with its first expansion. The Teumessian Update features Taichi Panda’s first ever ranged combatant, Teumessa, the fox mage, who casts powerful spells from afar. However, if you’re satisfied with your existing character, you’ll be [More...]

Taichi Panda Hack ‘n’ Slash your way to the top – Review

Taichi Panda is a hack and slash game, known to many of its fans as Dungeon Crawler, which has already got more than 10 million Chinese gameplay fans hooked. The general idea is to grow your character so that it becomes strong and in a position to position to restore the balance of the cosmos. Let [More...]

SelfMe: Get A Hold Of Your Selfie

Do you have trouble managing your selfies? Are you one of those types who can’t resist firing one off every time you leave the house, regardless of activity? Maybe you keep them for self-preservation, maybe you aim to share every single one of those bad-boys via social media, opinion be damned, or maybe you’re trying [More...]
iMic HD

iRig Mic HD: Particularly Versatile Handheld Digital Microphone

For anyone who’s ever tried to record a demo just using an iPhone (so anyone who plays guitar born in the last 30 years), you’ll know that using voice memos just doesn’t cut it. Luckily for all you aspiring Bob Dylans out there, IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic HD allows you to record high quality [More...]

iSpark: Putting The ‘Social’ Back In Social Network

Cast your mind back to the days before Facebook. Back when mobile phones were used more than just to inform your friend you’d be ten minutes later than the time you’d agreed (via Facebook). Remember when we talked? Having been born in 1980, I don’t want to make it sound like a lecture. But let [More...]

EZ PZ RPG: Passive Aggressive Gaming At Its Finest

I’ve found RPGs to have the same qualities as the proverbial Marmite. You love ‘em or you hate ‘em (on that subject, over my 34 years I’ve found that the majority’s response to Marmite is actually almost fanatical indifference. I count myself amongst them). Some people can get truly absorbed in the quest to save [More...]

Snap Happy And Stay Streamlined With Screenshot++

I have an absolutely awful time with accidental screenshots. I usually don’t realise they’ve occurred until at least twenty-four hours after the fact; though it’s not unknown for me to happen across one months after its creation. The worst is when you take a shot of the inside of your pocket or something similar; nothing [More...]
Mage Fight

Mage Fight: I Put A Spell On You

Wizards are cool. There’s no getting around that fact. There’s something about the spells, the wands, the cloaks and incantations that we just can’t resist. As cool as they are however, they’ve been tainted slightly by Harry Potter and his Tedious Ilk, as well as a number of other pre-pubescent wand-waving fools. So, in much [More...]