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Facility 47

Enigmatic And Beautiful, Facility 47 Is Here To Seduce You

Have you ever been stranded in a icy cellar with little hope of escape? Have you ever been the centrepiece of a tangled, epic mystery involving dangerous experiments, corrosive chemicals, and what seems to be a new Ice Age, where all you had to rely on was your wits and a few shreds of memory? [More...]
Shire Defense - Fantasy Tower Strategy

Become A Warlord Hero With Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy

Battle game warfare back in Middle Earth would have been so much more straight-forward than the geo-political nightmare that we face today. Wouldn’t it be easier if the only ethical question posed was ‘On a scale of 1 to Lord Of The Rings, how many Orks have you killed today?’ and whatever answer you gave [More...]
Mozart 2 Pro

Nourish Your Inner Genius With Mozart 2 Pro

They say that the ability to play and read music is one of the best tools that you can use for overall brain development, growth and maintenance. It should come as no surprise then that it’s pretty bloody difficult to master and is said to be as much of a feat as learning a new [More...]
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Run Wild In Rivers Casino Pittsburgh (Not Literally)

Have you ever wanted to gamble without the risk? I’m sure most of us have. Sure, the risk is half the fun, maybe ALL the fun some would say; but still, have you ever wanted to just gamble to relax? A few non-tense games of poker, slots or roulette, safe in the knowledge that you [More...]

Iron Man Meets American Football With Return Man 3: The Season

What if the Iron Man franchise wasn’t centred around a flying superhero but focused instead on a American football halfback who was incredibly adept at getting to the N-Zone? The third instalment would probably bear a similar title as Return Man 3 and while I’m not sure that it would bring in the same ticket sales [More...]
Sam Plays Saxophone

Join Sam On His Musical Adventure To Find Band Mates And All That Jazz

My beautiful niece Naira has just begun to learn how to read and already, like so many other kids of her generation, has mastered the full inner workings of her mother’s iPhone and iPad. With this somewhat terrifying new skill, Naira is now able to use e-books and other interactive games that save on space, [More...]

Revisit the ’90s With Snake ’97 Game

1997 was a big year. Dolly the Sheep was officially announced as a successful clone, Madeleine Albright became the first female Secretary of State (go Maddy!), J K Rowling saw her first installment of the Harry Potter series published and Microsoft invested a cool $150 mil into the then financially troubled Apple Computers, Inc (ha!). [More...]

Dig Deep And Help Swampy Get Clean In Puzzle App Where’s My Water By Creature Feep

If I’ve had a rough day, there’s nothing better to bring myself back to feeling human again then a good honest shower. Once that steam rises and I’ve started singing a rendition of ‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’, it’s like hitting a reset button. That’s why I can sympathise with and [More...]
Tap The Frog

Tap The Frog Makes Biology Class Fun

High-school biology class was often divided into three distinct groups, there were the students who either found it dull or simply a bit gross, the students who were fascinated by the order of nature and the evolution of how things came to be and of course the odd few, who, unsettling to all, almost pathologically [More...]
Mobile Slots

3 Ways To Maximise Your Fun Playing Mobile Slots

Gambling, if you’re into it, is a hard thing not to enjoy really. The colourful lights, jackpot noises and that unmatchable rush you feel when you win big is pretty hard to top. However, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to turn this unique and thrilling pastime into a repetitive obsession as the flashing lights [More...]