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Warship Solitaire

Ascend To Admiral Of The Fleet With Warship Solitaire

When I was small, I always wanted to be a Admiral of the Fleet. Look at the poise and power suggested by the title, the highest rank achievable in the UK Navy. US has Fleet Admiral, which is similar but not quite as cool. Sadly, it seems I’ll never get my chance to be Admiral [More...]

SPARKER: The Game of Games

Sparker is an app that you’ll not grow tired of anytime soon, it’s absolutely full of games. You name it, it’s probably in here somewhere. There are so many challenges that you’ll feel as though you’ve just downloaded a new app every day. You can pick and choose your favourites and then challenge your pals or [More...]
Breezy Leaf

Breezy Leaf: Easy Breezy…But Not Really

‘Easy to learn but hard to master’ is a well-worn phrase applied to many different facets of day-to-day life. It can encompass games, activities, hobbies, social etiquette, anything really. In fact, when I think about it, you could almost apply it to any form of human endeavor. Apart from maybe Chemistry, which is hard to [More...]
Survivors: The Quest

Survivors: The Quest: A Lost-esque Puzzler With Plenty Of Life

How long could you survive on a desert island? Think about it in reality. I would say, in my case, maybe three weeks before dying a slow death of hunger and/or thirst depending on the amount of rainfall on my particular island. The whole thing sounds kind of exotic in the abstract; palm trees, tropical [More...]

FastWord Makes Word Games A True Family Affair

I would like to assume there aren’t many competitive arenas where I’d lose to a five-year-old child. Contests such as General Knowledge, Long Jump, Curling and Wrestling are all areas where I reckon I’d have the edge. However, I fear the five-year-old champion of FastWord, the new competitive word puzzler app, new and out now [More...]
Best Games iOS 8

6 Best Games that Shine Brighter and Run Cooler on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8

Both iOS 8 and the new iPhones have had enough time to settle in these past few weeks. Right now, an increasing number of games are taking advantage of the incredible Metal API, which is meant to boost the graphics and spice up both new and old video games available on iPads and iPhones. Here’s [More...]
Monsters Behave!

Monsters Behave! Combines Fun, Learning and Creativity

The iPad is as much a family staple these days as the pet dog, a fact that was reinforced recently by that viral video of a young boy trying to flick his way through a broadsheet newspaper. Given the prominence of the tablet, it makes sense that there’s some opportunity out there for educational apps [More...]
Halloween Bonus Slots

Scary Halloween Bonus Slots: Do The Monster Mash

As redundant an international holiday as it is, there’s something about the Halloween spirit that I find appealing. The orange and the black colour schemes, the masks, costumes and bonfires, the severed limbs and heads that randomly start appearing as shop window dressing. It seems no one can get enough of the spook. For the [More...]
Amazing Beat

Amazing Beat: Amazing Even Without The Beat

I don’t know if there’s much to DJing these days. Seems to me you just press a button on your laptop and suddenly you’re set for the night. You could probably not know anything about music, or indeed DJing, and with the aid of a Macbook and a pair of headphones, still manage to scrape [More...]
Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots Flies The Flag For Smartphone MMOs

Since time immemorial, mankind has enjoyed smacking the crap out of itself with giant machines. Be it for war or entertainment, blowing things up just seems to be a part of our nature. In the entertainment sector, the Japanese undoubtedly lead the charge with a plethora of mech-based franchises such as Gundam Wing and the [More...]