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Hooked On Words

Hooked on Words: So Much More Fun Than Paying Attention In School

Is that long, dreary commute to work getting you down every day? Have you got a long-haul flight coming up? Or do you simply just love word games?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Hooked On Words is for you. Even if there was a ‘no’ in there, download this app anyway: it’s [More...]

Aphelion Takes You on a Puzzling Orbit Through Space

This upcoming space-themed puzzle game will have all you sci-fi movie geeks weak at the knees. I really enjoyed reviewing the free version of Aphelion, yet, as usual, once I’d paid the small sum for the full version that introduced many new features, the true potential of the game was unlocked.  I suggest that you do [More...]
5 Time-Killing Apps

5 Best iPhone Games For Killing Time

Tired of waiting in line or stuck at an airport? Can’t bear another excruciating train trip?  We’ve got your back. We looked high and low through the App Store and found the best iPhone apps designed to get you through a long boring wait and have fun while you kill some time.  Easy to play, [More...]

Towers: Stack Your Way to the Top in this Exciting Word Game

The explosion of the app market has led to the launch of games spanning across a broad range of categories. Where many game types fail to retain the interest of the player after the novelty wears off, word games, requiring real brain activity, continue to challenge and stimulate. Towers is a brand new word game [More...]
Slots Showdown

Slots Showdown: Let’s find out who’s Man or Mouse!

Whether it’s the boredom of the recession or the fact that James Bond hasn’t graced our screens for a few years, slots and other casino games are surging in popularity on the App Store at the moment. Rather than let you risk your money in a real cash app, NYX Social Gaming has partnered with [More...]
Words of Wonder

Words of Wonder – coming soon to iPad and Android tablets

Words of Wonder is a new game that combines word play with a unique story line. The colors in the Words of Wonder book have been stolen by an evil curse that left the world in grey. Your job is to bring back color to the land, and you do this by traveling around and spelling [More...]
Crazy Pizza Clickers

Got the munchies? Scarf down some fun with Crazy Pizza Clickers

If I had my way, I’d eat pizza every day of my life.  Hawaiians, Meat Feasts, Capricciosas, and don’t even get me started on Quattro Formaggis.  Unfortunately for the decadent side of me, it’s a diet that would see me collapse in a cardiomyapathic slump shortly before my 30th birthday and so I save them for a [More...]
Crazy Belts

Crazy Belts: Multi-Platform Lost Luggage Game is Tons of Fun!

I love flying.  I love the Bloody Mary after takeoff, the banter with the cabin crew and I even think that the food is OK, although my discerning taste is usually directly affected by the aforementioned Bloody Mary.  However, I do get genuinely nervous when checking my luggage in, especially if there are valuables in there, [More...]

Bet365: App from the world’s biggest online bookmaker

Whether you like to place an occasional bet or not, you’ll probably be aware of Bet365. The betting giant has effectively made the transition to iPad gaming and now offers a comprehensive gaming experience for its mobile players. [More...]

Unleash Your Inner Nerd With BoxOff

Maths is cool.  There, I said it.  Ever since Seth from The O.C. made geek-chic en vogue a decade ago, it’s become more and more fashionable to be a nerd.  But if you’re going to talk the talk then pop the lenses out of those thick-rimmed glasses and walk the walk over to BoxOff, the fun [More...]