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Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots Flies The Flag For Smartphone MMOs

Since time immemorial, mankind has enjoyed smacking the crap out of itself with giant machines. Be it for war or entertainment, blowing things up just seems to be a part of our nature. In the entertainment sector, the Japanese undoubtedly lead the charge with a plethora of mech-based franchises such as Gundam Wing and the [More...]
Ninja Rain

Duck And Dodge Like Your Life Depends On It With Ninja Rain

I’ve never much cared for the rain. I know this is hardly an original line of thought, but I fear my particular aversion was bred into me. My mother and uncle have an almost allergic reaction to the stuff, with many a family walk being fraught with tension as ominous grey clouds gathered in the [More...]
Marble Mountain

Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Marbles

There’s been a couple of duff entries into the Indiana Jones film series, not least of all 2008’s catastrophic alien outing. Aside from occasional alarming nonsense such as surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge, the films have long been considered the cinematic peak of excitement, delight and childhood nostalgia. Channelling all the best parts [More...]
Brain Guzzler

Brain Guzzler: Snake meets Zombies

I’d merely skimmed over the press release and was delighted I had. For about sixty seconds in to Brain Guzzler, the thrillingly bloody new game from Flaming Pumpkin, I had a revelation. ‘It’s Snake!’, I squealed aloud, to no one in particular. ‘It’s just like Snake!’ Suddenly I was fifteen again, grasping my Nokia 3330, [More...]
49 Tiles

49 Tiles: Perfect Combination of Fun and Intellect

Perched precariously atop a barstool belonging to a cramped, smoky dive in the middle of Kyoto, Japan, I squared up against the Stetson-wearing Tonny, owner and bartender of the Geronimo Western themed tavern. Our chosen field of combat was Connect Four. Garth Brooks’ greatest hits filled the room. The night was young. The stage was [More...]
Tasty Bingo

Get The Scoop on the Tasty Bingo App

  The online gaming industry is booming and players across the United Kingdom are turning to mobile gaming en masse. The popularity of Tasty Bingo has inspired a generation of players far and wide. Mobile gaming is now the fastest growing sector in online gaming and Tasty Bingo is at the forefront of the hi-tech gaming [More...]
Best Games 2014

5 Mind Blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch games released in 2014

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, chances are one of the primary uses for the device is gaming. Nobody can really blame you, though – the devices are perfectly suitable for the task, and the ever-increasing number of games make this segment a bit hard to ignore. Be that as it may, [More...]
iOS vs Android for Gaming

iOS vs Android for Gaming: Which is Best?

In recent years the gaming industry has exploded, raking in millions in revenue to developers and topping the list as the favourite form of entertainment for people around the world, surpassing even the film and music industries. Gaming is now pervasive. From the living room to our pockets; games have become an unstoppable force that impinge [More...]
Hooked On Words

Hooked on Words: So Much More Fun Than Paying Attention In School

Is that long, dreary commute to work getting you down every day? Have you got a long-haul flight coming up? Or do you simply just love word games?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Hooked On Words is for you. Even if there was a ‘no’ in there, download this app anyway: it’s [More...]

Aphelion Takes You on a Puzzling Orbit Through Space

This upcoming space-themed puzzle game will have all you sci-fi movie geeks weak at the knees. I really enjoyed reviewing the free version of Aphelion, yet, as usual, once I’d paid the small sum for the full version that introduced many new features, the true potential of the game was unlocked.  I suggest that you do [More...]