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Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck Poker: One To Keep Up Your Sleeve

Paul Newman once proclaimed that, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned,” in his pool shark movie The Hustler; now, I’m sure that I could get some pretty decent odds in trying to sink the 8-ball with my iPhone but I decided to take the safer route and try and fleece some online [More...]
Sky Tribes

Sky Tribes: Pillage to Build Your Village

When somebody uses the word ‘anarchy’ nowadays, pedants will often correct them with the information that in its archaic form, the term simply means ‘self-governance’; well, I’d like to see these know-it-alls try to explain this to one of the axe-wielding characters in Sky Tribes, the new PvP game from YMC Games. [More...]

Hit Me! Indie App Developer Doubles Down

It’s no secret that app developers are the rock stars of the burgeoning tech space. Who would have thought 20 years ago that “sexy” and “software developer” could coexist in the same sentence? These are interesting times, indeed. [More...]
World Of Cheese

World Of Cheese: You’ve Got To Earn That Cheddar!

Christmas specials are often a little cheesy, but none of them takes the biscuit as much as Alda Games’ new release, ‘World of Cheese’. Luckily for gamers, the plethora of dairy products is intentional and adds to the fun in this cute little game that really is fun for the whole family. [More...]

Gala Bingo: Fancy a Flutter?

As a politically correct writer, I would never usually use the phrase ‘Two Fat Ladies’, as it would trigger a slew of vituperative hate mail directed towards my inbox by justifiably irked feminists – however, as I’m reviewing Gala Bingo, I’m happy to shout it at the top of my lungs in the hope that [More...]
Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG: The Ultimate Collectible Card Battle Game

If you want to be whisked away into a world of goblins, dragons and knights in shining armour but you don’t want to risk going too far back in the closet or taking a pilgrimage to Mordor then just switch on your iPad and check out Kingdoms CCG, a collectible card battle game that will [More...]

Aloha – The Game That Brings Frosty Fun To The Hawaii Slopes

Four penguins on a mission from the sub-zero South Pole to the tropical climate of Hawaii, chased by a pack of hungry predators?  What could go wrong?! [More...]

Quadrica: Prepare for your Brain to be Thoroughly Teased

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most rewarding.  Whether it’s a good book, a splash of decent Scotch or an addictive iPhone game that makes you ignore everyone and everything around you as you struggle to align all of the correct shapes, the best things in life seem to come in simple packages.  [More...]
Save The Snail HD

Save The Snail HD: Crawl to victory in cute platform game

If you were one of those kids who used to torture snails with a magnifying glass and a cellar of salt, then shame on you; however, there is a chance to pay penance for your sins with Save The Snail HD, a new app game in which you save the cute little molluscs from [More...]

App Review: Yushino is a Fun Combination of Sudoku and Words With Friends

Yushino is an addicting number game available for free from the iPhone App Store. Combining elements of the ever-popular Words With Friends and Sudoku, Yushino requires you to strategically place number tiles on a game board in order to rack up the biggest points combo possible. Though the rules may seem a bit confusing to [More...]