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PokéLoké for Pokémon GO

PokéLoké for Pokémon GO: Do The Poké Loké

We find ourselves in the second coming of Pokémon. Not content with one round of world domination in the late 90s, Nintendo’s beloved critters have returned, this time with their eyes set firmly on our smartphones. Even if Nintendo was expecting success with Pokémon GO, I doubt even they could’ve predicted the mass hysteria which [More...]

Farmbloxx: All The Fun Of The Farm

Ever wanted to run your own farm? Seems like an exciting, whimsical proposition, but the realty of it is probably far less appealing. You’re knee-deep in mud every day, the animals need constant feeding and herding, and you’re up at the crack of dawn to tend to whatever early morning business farmers get up to. It’s [More...]

The Holy Trinity Is Under Attack! Find Out Why By Playing

The father, the son and the holy spirit may have had their last hurrah holding the title of the holy trinity, after the Almighty success of smash hit the ‘dot io’ family saw the birth of, although not quite as popular as the original granddaddy, held a firm place in the hearts [More...]
BC Blackjack

You’re Just Not Ready For Me Kid, Get Practicing With BC Blackjack

“You’re good, kid, but as long as I’m around, you’re second best, you might as well learn to live with it.” Well bollocks to that I say, don’t learn to live with anything, just learn. BC Blackjack is the new casino app that puts in the extra miles to make sure that you’re gambling like [More...]

En Masse Entertainment releases Battleplans for iOS

Formerly only available as an Android game, En Masse Entertainment have now produced an Apple-friendly version of the popular real-time strategy title. Available through the App Store for free, the title is sure to be a hit amongst the Apple crowd, after faring well for Android. [More...]

Ditch Social Media Vanity And Save The Elemelon Universe Instead

Since social media’s inception, film and literature haven’t been afraid of creating dystopic fantasies that warn against humanity’s narcissism stemming from its self-promotional elements, but recently there’s been some interest from the gaming community as well. Elemelons is a lighthearted puzzle game, which takes a humorous jab at society’s ever-growing vanity and flips it [More...]

NeonMob: Gotta Curate ‘Em All!

Do you want to collect cards on your iPhone? Do you also like stunning pieces of art? Sure, collecting card games is great fun, but they all follow a similar look; you know what you’re going to get with a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, because it’s all created and drawn by the same team. Similarly, [More...]
Color Switch

Reaction Game Color Switch Is Tapping Thumbs

I’m not the most spectacular driver in the world; traffic lights for instance have always caused a bit of trouble for me. Does flash mean I can go or is it the pedestrians turn? Well, Grandma Betty could of probably told you before I sent her and her pint of milk flying over my car [More...]

Reel Big Fun With Fishing Simulator PocketFishing

Having tried (and failed) snagging ‘catch of the day,’ on the dating scene of Plenty of Fish for the last ohyoudon’tneedtoknowhowmanymonths, I decided to nourish my inner angler in a more traditional way, so that the next time I cast out my net, I land a marlin. However, not wanting to drop my line in [More...]

Why MyVegas is the Best Slot App

When it comes to choosing the best slot app, you need to know what is out there for you to make use of. This is something that you’re not able to get from anyone else on the market, and not something you’re not going to be able to make the most use of. Through the [More...]