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Dot Worlds

Dot Worlds: An Eleven-Year-Old Has Thrown Down The Gauntlet

Are you smarter than an eleven-year-old? No, this is not a sequel to the Noel Edmonds-hosted quiz show where contestants battled it out with a team of geniuses-in-training. It’s a genuine question. Could you beat one at chess? More to the point, could you beat an app designed by one? I’m 34 and I don’t [More...]
Mage Fight

Mage Fight: I Put A Spell On You

Wizards are cool. There’s no getting around that fact. There’s something about the spells, the wands, the cloaks and incantations that we just can’t resist. As cool as they are however, they’ve been tainted slightly by Harry Potter and his Tedious Ilk, as well as a number of other pre-pubescent wand-waving fools. So, in much [More...]

EZ PZ RPG: Passive Aggressive Gaming At Its Finest

I’ve found RPGs to have the same qualities as the proverbial Marmite. You love ‘em or you hate ‘em (on that subject, over my 34 years I’ve found that the majority’s response to Marmite is actually almost fanatical indifference. I count myself amongst them). Some people can get truly absorbed in the quest to save [More...]
Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes: You Can Play Your Own Way

What does it take to become a hero these days? I’m talking video games here by the way, not saving the life of a drowning child or some equally noble feat. You think virtual heroes, you think RPGs. Sure, RPGs are fun. But don’t you ever get bored of all that ‘grinding’, as the kids [More...]

You Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To BoxOff

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game I’m currently addicted to. It’s a Japanese RPG for the 3DS, and it consumes much of my time. The life or death stakes (if a player dies on you they are gone, baby gone for good) combined with the team-bonding aspects make this one a sure-fire winner.  An epic [More...]
6 Bizarre and Addictive Apps

6 Bizarre iOS apps that can make you an addict

As our brains get more inventive and technology becomes more advanced, it’s not uncommon for developers to create bizarre yet addictive apps. Some are incredibly useful while others are just meant to brighten our spirit. The array is vast and some creations are hands down uncanny. Here are a couple of iOS apps that could [More...]
Noodles Now

Dice With Death And Fast Food In Noodles Now

How far off are we from levitating vehicles at this stage? Some said we’d all be flying them by 2015; in fact, people like Stanley Kubrick thought we might not even make it to 2015, if 2001: A Space Odyssey is anything to go by. A quick google search informs me we are indeed still [More...]
Ned Nibbler

Ned Nibbler: Scare Yourself Into Eating Healthily!

Eating healthily. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Love it or not we generally like to get through our meals without keeling over, correct? Well for our little green friend Ned Nibbler, it’s not so simple. Ned was created in a laboratory to experiment with the effects of eating various types of [More...]
Best Game Apps

Best Game Apps For iOS and Android

Whether you’re gaming on a tablet or smartphone, there are several options to choose from. Having the latest, most interesting games is one way to stay up to date on the best technology for apps. On top of this, you get to experience a whole new world of gaming on Android and iOS when using your [More...]
Son of Light

Son of Light: Making Your Commute To Work Fly By

Public transport commuters, assemble! Your journey to and from work is about to become a lot more enjoyable. Introducing: Son of Light. The free app that recreates the classic ‘Shoot Them Up’ retro arcade games with all the mechanics of games such as ‘Runner’. There are lots of apps to entertain you during that dreary [More...]