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Entertainment Apps

Green Box Heroes

Defenders of Nutritional Justice Unite In Green Box Heroes

Getting kids to eat their greens is one of those borderline stereotypical hurdles that most parents will come up against in the rearing of their young’uns. Wouldn’t it be great to actively engage the kids, to give them some sense of the value of these types of foods? The app world has provided an answer. [More...]
Vegas Apps

4 Best Apps to Amplify Your Vegas Travel Experience

Now that we live in a digital world where smartphones have essentially become our digital companions, it’s difficult to imagine life without this technology. Able to help plan our itinerary, confirm plane tickets and travel connections, as well as make sure that we have enough time to do it all, these mobile devices make organizing [More...]

Help Keep Grandparents In The Picture With BigHappyInbox

Do you ever have trouble keeping in touch with older relatives? Sure, maybe you’ve kitted them out with the latest gadgets, but somewhere down the line there’s always a missed text, a deleted email or an upside-down photograph of the grandchildren. And can you blame them really? If you were born in the age of [More...]

Race betting just got easier with this app

The start of the racing season is just a few months away and already we’re preparing for a season of high thrills and shock victories. With Cheltenham kicking off the prestigious season in March, spectators and bettors everywhere will be looking forward to having a punt on their favourites in 2015. [More...]
Perfect Piano

Painless Practise With Perfect Piano

As the 90s children’s horror novel title had it, piano lessons can be murder. How arduous the process seems. What child (or adult for that matter) wants to get holed up in some (possibly murderous) grandmother’s dusty living room slaving away at Greensleeves for two hours a week? No one in their right mind. Well, [More...]

iGames: A Virtual Eye On The Virtual World

Video-gaming is a certified empire. It’s (arguably) bigger than movies, bigger than music and bigger than television. Since the eighties, it’s crept up on us silently but steadily, and now in 2014, we have thousands upon thousands of games to choose from on numerous systems, with no sign of slow down anytime soon. But have [More...]
Walk Band

Compose Your Masterpiece With The Mighty Walk Band

Everyone knows that getting a band off the ground is tough work. Even after you’ve rallied your sister as a backing vocalist and phoned up that guy you remember playing bass in a school play when you were eleven, someone or something is inevitably going to let you down. Thank God then for the folks [More...]
Nov The Intimate Social Network

Facebook invites. Everybody gets them and most ignore them. They just feel so impersonal. At best, you appreciate the thought; at worst, they’re an unappreciated afterthought. Granted the bigger the event, the better it’ll work on Facebook. But, it works the other way too. Gigs, plays and important birthdays, great; coffee with old friends, not [More...]

Film Geeks and Regular Folk Alike Will Go Nuts for Show Me The Animation

I didn’t go to art school, but I did attend a university that ran film classes and events.  Despite being a History major, I would sign up to all of the movie classes and trundle along to check out what artsy French flick was showing that week; I’d like to tell you that these actions [More...]
AmpliTube Orange

AmpliTube Orange: Get that ‘Legendary British Sound’ for your guitar

Billed as the ‘Legendary British Sound’ of Orange amplifiers, this app lets you choose from six Orange amplifiers and three pedals, including a teeth-rattling overdrive box in The Shaker and the classic HighWay Drive. [More...]