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Entertainment Apps

4 Apps That You Couldn't Do Without

4 Apps That You Couldn’t Do Without

Now that smartphones are undeniably here to stay, we’ve grown more than a little accustomed to having them in our lives. Were they to suddenly disappear without trace off the face of the earth, I’m willing to bet that more than a few people would be more than a little disappointed. In fact, I’ll go [More...]
Puzzle The Picture

Puzzle The Picture: Picture This Puzzle

Have you ever wished jigsaws weren’t so fiddly? Sure, they’re an engaging way to spend an afternoon, but there’s a lot of fuss around them. First of all, you’ve got to turn all the pieces the right way up. Then you have to sort through the pieces, find the edges, apply them first. Then there’s [More...]

3 Effective Time Killing Apps

Smartphones are a great little distractor. They can sit comfortably in our pockets, just waiting to be whipped out to dissolve time, right in front of your eyes. Needless to say, the smartphone caters to procrastinators and time-wasters alike, with literally thousands of apps available in the palm of your hand. Not all of them are [More...]

5 Top Football Apps Any Fan Needs On Their Smartphone

We’re approaching the end of the premiership season and gearing up for what promises to be a very exciting Euro 2016 showdown this summer. Thanks to the beauty of modern technology, any serious football fan can now be connected to the beautiful game like never before with a host of cool, practical and useful apps [More...]
Hit The Dot

I’d Definitely Hit That Dot

You know what they say. Sometimes, the classics are the best. Keeping it simple is the easiest option, don’t overcomplicate things, etc; this is tried and tested advice, applicable since time immemorial. Well, Hit The Dot, certainly follows those rules. If app games were art, this one would be a shockingly minimalist piece of contemporary [More...]

4 Apps James Bond Would Have On His iPhone

Every man in his right mind has fantasies of being James Bond. And no matter what you thought of the latest film outing, Spectre, there’s no denying that Bond continues to be one of the coolest fictional lads on the planet. But how can you be more like Bond? You (probably) haven’t got a licence [More...]

How To Remain A Winner At Online Gambling

Gambling is bloody fun – there’s no questioning it, the rush of winning or even just the anticipation of the results are enough to make your butterflies flutter. I used to think that a lot of the allure was to do with the romanticised image offered to gambling through the media and old-school films such [More...]

4 Time-Wasting Apps To Get Your Through January

Ah, January. The bleakest of months, no doubt about it. The Christmas rush has come and gone, the lovely food’s all eaten, the decorations are taken down, work has trudged back in to your life again; and guess what, the weather remains the same! Rainy and bleak and cold and grey. At least the days are [More...]

Ancient Maths Puzzler Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

The Knight’s tour is a sequence of moves on a chessboard in which the knight piece, moving in its ‘L’ shape formation, will visit every square on the chessboard (traditionally 8×8) only once. This fun head scratcher has roots dating back as far as the 9th century AD and is commonly given to computer science [More...]

3 Addictive Android Apps That You’ll Still Be Playing In 2017

I know, I know. We’re only a mere five days into 2016, is it really necessary to start looking ahead to 2017 already? Well, maybe not. But here we are doing it anyway. Because there are some apps you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you try. You keep them on your phone for [More...]