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Entertainment Apps


Control all of your entertainment devices with iRemocon

iRemocon, winner of the 2014 Home Theater Grand Prix Golden Award, brings the future to the present with their voice recognition device. The iRemocon works in conjunction with a smartphone or table app bringing you a beautiful universal remote which also works with many other household devices. With a paid subscription service users can also [More...]
Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack: Face Off Against Friends And Rivals In A Trivia Showdown

There’s nothing I enjoy more in this world than giving my family and friends a good hiding at Trivial Pursuit. Unfortunately for someone who lives on the competitive edge like I do, these opportunities are few and far between.  Also, you beat ‘em hard enough, they stop wanting to play. Christmas is the only dependable [More...]

ArkMC: The Ultimate Online Middleman

Do you ever find yourself with just too many windows open on your phone or device? Especially when it comes to Safari, that thing breeds windows like a prison-sprung rabbit. Add the various media players and programs and apps and social media nonsense into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of an overloaded piece [More...]
Android Entertainment Apps

All Eyes on Android: Top 5 Free Entertainment Apps

Android is known for its independent attitude. It’s not the polished darling ­child of Apple, and so it gets hated on a lot. But, for all of its faults, ‘Droids have some seriously good entertainment apps. If you’ve never really explored the capabilities of your device, check this list out. [More...]
ALIVE Video Editor

ALIVE Video Editor Brings ‘Em To Life

Have you ever taken a video with your iPhone (vertically no doubt, as it seems the whole globe collectively forgets to turn the thing horizontally for a better ratio) and been subsequently disappointed with the result? Maybe it hasn’t captured exactly the right tone. Maybe the necessarily grainy quality of the phone has rendered a [More...]
Top 3 Sport Apps For iPhone

Top 3 Sport Apps For iPhone

Writing this article brought back a distant memory. I used to be a major basketball fan in my youth. I’d live and breathe the NBA, the teams, fixtures and jerseys. I couldn’t actually watch any games, but that was immaterial to the excitement of just being (sort of) in the know. When I hit mid-teens [More...]
Green Box Heroes

Defenders of Nutritional Justice Unite In Green Box Heroes

Getting kids to eat their greens is one of those borderline stereotypical hurdles that most parents will come up against in the rearing of their young’uns. Wouldn’t it be great to actively engage the kids, to give them some sense of the value of these types of foods? The app world has provided an answer. [More...]
Vegas Apps

4 Best Apps to Amplify Your Vegas Travel Experience

Now that we live in a digital world where smartphones have essentially become our digital companions, it’s difficult to imagine life without this technology. Able to help plan our itinerary, confirm plane tickets and travel connections, as well as make sure that we have enough time to do it all, these mobile devices make organizing [More...]

Help Keep Grandparents In The Picture With BigHappyInbox

Do you ever have trouble keeping in touch with older relatives? Sure, maybe you’ve kitted them out with the latest gadgets, but somewhere down the line there’s always a missed text, a deleted email or an upside-down photograph of the grandchildren. And can you blame them really? If you were born in the age of [More...]

Race betting just got easier with this app

The start of the racing season is just a few months away and already we’re preparing for a season of high thrills and shock victories. With Cheltenham kicking off the prestigious season in March, spectators and bettors everywhere will be looking forward to having a punt on their favourites in 2015. [More...]