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Entertainment Apps


Yapert: All Your Favourite Photos & Videos In One App

If a picture tells a thousand words then the surfeit of selfies, snaps and silly little photos that are uploaded every day amounts to an infinite novel that we will never get the chance to read. However, a new image and interest social networking app Yapert provides the CliffsNotes version so we can all flick [More...]

Hit Me! Indie App Developer Doubles Down

It’s no secret that app developers are the rock stars of the burgeoning tech space. Who would have thought 20 years ago that “sexy” and “software developer” could coexist in the same sentence? These are interesting times, indeed. [More...]
Hot or Not!

Hot or Not! Discover Your Hotness Factor

  Finding out that somebody thinks that you are ‘hot’ may remind some of us (the lucky ones, at least) of opening a note passed to us in maths class; of course, there’s always a danger of this being a fake note and when you go and ask the girl out, she stares blankly at you [More...]
Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar: A Wonderfully Intuitive Way To Learn Your Favourite Songs

Calling all budding guitarists that want to be this millennium’s Hendrix but can’t quite get the hang of reading sheet music and tablature; Coach Guitar can help you master your favourite songs simply by showing you step-by-step videos of how to strum those strings! [More...]

Top 10 iPad Apps for Kids

When it comes to the iPad, many parents are finding that their kids want in on the fun. However, with in-store purchases, complex game mechanics and a massive list of apps from which to choose, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect choices to let loose on the kids. These 10 iPad apps [More...]

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas – Christmas continues with 12 daily free gifts!

The post Christmas sales have begun but we think the best bargain of all is receiving a FREEBIE! Well, 12 freebies to be precise! [More...]

Snappet App For our Furry Friends

When we see a post on Facebook by a friend of a cat dressed up in tie, socks, boots and a hat, we are unable to escape the feeling of surprise and ‘awe’. We love to accessorize them in variety of outfits on several different occasions; our heart goes to their cute looks in these [More...]

Fundoku eMag: It’s Sudoku With Added Fun! (Sponsored)

When the Sudoku craze hit Britain about ten years ago, I was unashamedly swept up in the hype, flicking straight to the back page of every newspaper that I bought to scribble numbers into the tiny boxes and tear the pages in frustration as I got to the last square to discover that I’d made [More...]

Puzzler Wordsearch eMag: Find Those Hidden Words (Sponsored)

In the Hollywood movie ‘Mercury Rising, Bruce Willis has to protect a young autistic child that has cracked a code hidden in a wordsearch from government bad guys, intent on wiping the pair of them out. In the spirit of the bald action hero, I bolted the doors, donned a white vest and set about [More...]

Departures: The Ultimate Guide To The Edinburgh Festival (Sponsored)

I’ve always avoided going to comedy gigs. Due to the combination of my questionable fashion sense and oft-experimental haircuts, I tend to assume that comedians would see me as sweet manna from heaven and I would have to endure 15 minutes of ribbing from someone who, ironically, I could have bullied in school. However, I [More...]