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May Viva La Video

Was there ever a moment you wished you could share, right then and there? Sure, you could take a video of it and show it around later; but there’s something about being there, even being there vicariously through a screen, that excites us. The recent prizefight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was one of those events; [More...]

How Mobile Casino Games Have Changed For The Better In 2015

Mobile casino are big business, just as they are in real life. Though it might come as a surprise to learn that the whole affair has only just taken off in a big way. The games themselves have been running for years, although revenue projections from 2005 for 2010 fell well short of their estimated [More...]
My App Profile

What Does Your iPhone Say About You? Find Out With My App Profile

Ever wondered what your iPhone says about you? No, not your iPhone’s model, although unless you’re on a 6, prepare to be shunned by the fanbois next time you check the time down at Starbucks… I mean you’re iPhone, or, more specifically, your apps. Well, entrepreneur and developer Chris Maddern has come [More...]

Snap Happy And Stay Streamlined With Screenshot++

I have an absolutely awful time with accidental screenshots. I usually don’t realise they’ve occurred until at least twenty-four hours after the fact; though it’s not unknown for me to happen across one months after its creation. The worst is when you take a shot of the inside of your pocket or something similar; nothing [More...]

SocialPoint: Keeping Your Social Media Life On Point

Wouldn’t it be great if the online world was a little more straightforward? There’s so much to contend with these days, so much information flowing around, so much stuff to engage with, that it can all get too much. Especially if you’re attempting to promote yourself somehow via social media (there’s a debate to be [More...]

Oozzat!? Knocking At My Door?

How many people across the world have access to your mobile data right now? How many hours have you been active on the internet in your life? What have you said, what have you inferred, sent, searched for, looked up, read about, downloaded? And what could it mean taken out of context? It’s a sobering [More...]
Tap Heroes

Tap Heroes: You Can Play Your Own Way

What does it take to become a hero these days? I’m talking video games here by the way, not saving the life of a drowning child or some equally noble feat. You think virtual heroes, you think RPGs. Sure, RPGs are fun. But don’t you ever get bored of all that ‘grinding’, as the kids [More...]

You Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To BoxOff

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game I’m currently addicted to. It’s a Japanese RPG for the 3DS, and it consumes much of my time. The life or death stakes (if a player dies on you they are gone, baby gone for good) combined with the team-bonding aspects make this one a sure-fire winner.  An epic [More...]
Ned Nibbler

Ned Nibbler: Scare Yourself Into Eating Healthily!

Eating healthily. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Love it or not we generally like to get through our meals without keeling over, correct? Well for our little green friend Ned Nibbler, it’s not so simple. Ned was created in a laboratory to experiment with the effects of eating various types of [More...]
Big Gag

Big Gag: Famous Quotes Made Funny

A proverb can be inspirational, intelligent and witty. My girlfriend once said, “You can’t put a square pig in a round hole”. I assumed what happened there was she cleverly combined, “You can’t put a square peg in a round hole” and “Happy as a pig in, erm, mud”. It turns out she actually thought [More...]