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Entertainment Apps

5 AmpliTube Apps

5 Recording Apps That Every Bedroom Guitarist Needs

God, it must be a tough life on the road as a travelling musician.  All of the free drinks would give you terrible hangovers, the endless parade of groupies knocking on your trailer door would be ultimately unfulfilling and the sheer exhaustion of playing your favourite songs to adoring fans would be totally draining.  This [More...]
5 Time-Killing Apps

5 Best iPhone Games For Killing Time

Tired of waiting in line or stuck at an airport? Can’t bear another excruciating train trip?  We’ve got your back. We looked high and low through the App Store and found the best iPhone apps designed to get you through a long boring wait and have fun while you kill some time.  Easy to play, [More...]
888 Casino App

Upgraded 888 casino iPhone app: Experience the crème de la crème of iPhone casino games!

There are many iPhone casino apps out there that promise to deliver quality, quantity and credibility. Unfortunately, most of them don’t quite live up to that benchmark. One iPhone app that continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition is the 888 casino iPhone app. This technological innovation was created by the brains trust [More...]
4 Apps To Beat Boredom

4 Apps For Banishing Boredom

Does anybody remember boredom? In days gone by, sallow-faced children (and adults) would sit on the window ledge, staring out at the grey skies and constant, drizzling rain, waiting for the moment they could run outside and once again enjoy the simple pleasure of finding a toad and dressing it up in Victorian doll’s clothing. Thankfully those [More...]

BooDooArt: Draw Yourself A Date

The traditional stereotype of an artistic soul is someone who spends hours and hours slaving away at their myriad masterpieces, holed up in their studio and rarely mixing with the hoi polloi.  Well, new app BooDooArt means that whether you’re a talented loner or a simple sketcher looking to meet new people, you can get [More...]

Yapert: All Your Favourite Photos & Videos In One App

If a picture tells a thousand words then the surfeit of selfies, snaps and silly little photos that are uploaded every day amounts to an infinite novel that we will never get the chance to read. However, a new image and interest social networking app Yapert provides the CliffsNotes version so we can all flick [More...]

Hit Me! Indie App Developer Doubles Down

It’s no secret that app developers are the rock stars of the burgeoning tech space. Who would have thought 20 years ago that “sexy” and “software developer” could coexist in the same sentence? These are interesting times, indeed. [More...]
Hot or Not!

Hot or Not! Discover Your Hotness Factor

  Finding out that somebody thinks that you are ‘hot’ may remind some of us (the lucky ones, at least) of opening a note passed to us in maths class; of course, there’s always a danger of this being a fake note and when you go and ask the girl out, she stares blankly at you [More...]
Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar: A Wonderfully Intuitive Way To Learn Your Favourite Songs

Calling all budding guitarists that want to be this millennium’s Hendrix but can’t quite get the hang of reading sheet music and tablature; Coach Guitar can help you master your favourite songs simply by showing you step-by-step videos of how to strum those strings! [More...]

Top 10 iPad Apps for Kids

When it comes to the iPad, many parents are finding that their kids want in on the fun. However, with in-store purchases, complex game mechanics and a massive list of apps from which to choose, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect choices to let loose on the kids. These 10 iPad apps [More...]