David Harfield

David Harfield is the Editor of FanAppic. He also writes for other publications on a freelance basis, including music and food journalism and DJs in his spare time, however iPhones are his main business/vice!
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Laura Barnes

By night Laura is a musician and plays drums for Alt/Indie band BalloonMan, by day she is a staff writer for PCR magazine. Laura is a fully fledged App addict and also has a keen interest in Cinema, Art, Gaming and Japan.
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Yiota Orphanides

Yiota Marie is iPhoneAppCafe's App Submission's Editor and also works as a freelance writer for a range of fashion and travel websites, including, where she is Editor and Lead Writer. Educated to Post Graduate Degree level, she has a keen interest in all areas of fashion, reading and writing
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I'm the owner of iPhoneGlance. I spend most of my time reviewing apps. Get in-touch to say hello. Check out my other site AppWatchWear
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Chrystal Mahan

Author of Easy Accounting for the Self-Employed and owner of the website Self Employed Writer, Chrystal has been working from home for over 10 years. She is currently working on her Masters of Business. Her blog, More to Life than Chocolate, shares the ups and downs of being self-employed.
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Asuran Vist

Asuran Vist is a geek enthusiast and fan of all things gadget and tech. You can currently read his most recent articles at He writes about anything and everything to do with video games, movies, TV, anime, IOS or Android and mobile infrastructure development.
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Ashkan bought his first iPhone in Jan 2010 and was frustrated he couldn’t find easy to use and trusted websites with good app recommendations, so he decided to launch iPhoneAppCafe! In his limited free time Ashkan enjoys playing badminton and Football (soccer).
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Rollo Dennison

Rollo works for a large media company by day and as a freelance journalist and writer by night. When he gets free time he loves creating music, watching movies, studying, traveling and time in bed!
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Robert Zak

Rob is currently working on a Film Studies MA and writes freelance for a couple of websites as that's an infinitely more appealing way of earning money part-time than standing behind a generic counter somewhere.
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Daniel Massicotte

Daniel Massicotte is the owner of Jenius, a gaming business based in Nova Scotia, Canada. On his spare time he plays iPhone/computer games and perfects his speaking skills. On occasion he is known to read.
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James Davis

James is a Hardcore Gamer and iPhone app enthusiast who likes to waste time and hard earned money on the latest gadgets, games, apps and more.
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Sam Simon-Norris

Musician at heart Sam Simon-Norris spends most of his time locked away in his studio, with various musical instruments, playing, songwriting and recording. Alongside performing around London Sam also works as a freelance journalist, having articles published in a variety of websites.
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The ultimate YouTube tech enthusiast. I make videos on reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and giveaways on YouTube. When I am not splurging in tech I am usual playing or watching baseball and basketball.
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Cassie Martin

Cassie Martin is the co-author of "How to Help Your Child Succeed", a revolutionary approach to guilt-free parenting
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Gavi Schneider

Gavi is a freelance Journalist and an iPhone app enthusiast, with interests in movies, classic rock, social media, and pretty much anything tech. When he's not writing app reviews, he can usually be found tweeting in excessive amounts or listening to music way louder than it should be.
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Aika works as an SEO Assistant in a law firm company. She's interested with gadgets especially mobile phones and computers.
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Jack Ratcliffe

Jack Ratcliffe is a freelance journalist who works for websites and magazines in both the UK and the US. When not locked behind a keyboard, he enjoys exploring London for novel and obscure activities. Eighties rock'n'roll bingo, anyone?
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Chris Maddern

Chris is an entrepreneur (currently CTO at Corkbin - Wine App for iPhone), App enthusiast and guest-writer for a number of sites. You can read his personal blog at
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Sammy Albon

Sammy is a student living in London. He’s a keen blogger and photographer with an undying love for Apple. He loves to write, so he decided: “Why not make the world a better place for it?”… So he decided to review iPhone apps!
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Joseph McCullough

Joey is an Anglo-American Producer and Editor who writes fervently in his spare time to prevent himself from his other hobbies of deliberately stepping into the street and methodically knocking people’s hats off, or quoting the closing lines of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby while pursuing endeavours of sporting mediocrity.
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Allison Eckel

Allison Eckel spent 10 years as a business editor for the printing industry after earning her MA in writing and magazine publishing. When she is not running committee meetings for school, church and scouts, Allison reviews iPhone apps, comic books, video games and kid lit.
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Natasha Judd

Natasha is a writer, web geek and new mum. After spending eight years in various communications and online project management roles, doing an MA and publishing a novel, she now fits writing in amidst nappy changes, playgroups and catching up on sleep.
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Tim Harfield

Tim Harfield is a self employed model with the agency Boss on a year out from education to work as a model whilst writing and travelling around. In his spare time he enjoys listening to and playing music, following fashion and sport.
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Ben Norum

Ben is a freelance food and drink journalist who has a weekly column in the South London Press; when he's not checking out The Big Smoke's restaurants and bars, he likes to review iPhone apps.
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DJ Miller

DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He is an avid gadget geek who spends most his time writing on anything tech related. In his spare time he likes to travel, play soccer, and watch movies on his ultrabook. You can follow him on twitter @MillerHeWrote.
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Liam McCormack

While waiting for his dreams to come true, Liam enjoys creative writing, cooking, films, tennis, and occasionally dabbles in freelance writing.
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David Standen

Dave Standen is a freelance journalist, tech obsessive, running enthusiast, zombie fan, one-time cow herder, and music lover.
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Anita Doherty

Since moving to London four years ago Anita has worked for various magazines, primarily in production roles, with writing assignments thrown in at every opportunity. She dreams of one day giving up her day job and writing full time.
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Tahir Akbar

Tahir Akbar is a technology & business writer and a young entrepreneur. He writes a blog; ‘Diary of a Chief Executive on business and life management.
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James Dielhenn

James is a 21 year old sports journalism student at Brighton University. Sport is his main passion but his iPhone is his favourite hobby!
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Kelly Holgate

App-arently 26 year old freelance writer, Kelly Holgate, is addicted to all things iPhone and wants to share her passion with you/our/the readers. Sounds very app-ealing to us!
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Alistair Charlton

Alistair is a journalism graduate who has an almost unhealthy technology addiction. When he's not writing reviews, correcting grammar or queueing at the Apple Store he indulges in his passion of motorsport, watching Formula One and racing karts.
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Tom Sayers

Hello! I'm a Creative Writer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Videographer / Editor. I have a passion for pretty much anything creative but Design and Creative/Comedy Writing is what really excites me. Relax, kick your shoes off and have a look around at some of my reviews!
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Joseph Hibbs

Joe is a freelance human and writer of various copy. He’s a politics and journalism grad with an insatiable appetite for all things digital, and was drawn to the iPhoneAppCafe like a moth to a flame by all the killer must-have lists.
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Erin Blaskie

Erin Blaskie is in a hot, passionate love affair with the Internet. As a self-proclaimed app addict, Erin has spent more money in the app store than she is willing to admit. When she isn't playing World of Warcraft (Horde FTW!), she can be found running her creative
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Andrew McDowell

I am 34, from Ireland, work/live in London. Currently studying final year of business management course. Into painting, writing, acting, media and iOS.
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Jessica Kulick

Jessica Kulick recently escaped the clutches of The Man to become a freelance writer and blogger. Originally from New York City, she is currently spending the next year traveling across Europe with her fiancé. In addition to writing and traveling, Jessica enjoys photography.
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Adam Sankey

As a 23-year-old Screenwriting Major at Columbia College of Chicago, Adam has loved writing since he was a wee boy. He loves golf (hint: he sucks), video games, movies (both writing and watching them), comics/graphic novels, grabbing drinks with friends (or at least strangers who aren't mean), shopping (I know,
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Stefan Philpotts

Stefan Philpotts is a freelance journalist, writing on such topics as film and music, hoping that one day he might make an actual living out of his favourite hobby. Until then, it's back to his life of packing shoes during the day, whilst writing up articles at night.
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Kelley Diona

I am 33 and graduate of University of Central Florida. I currently reside in Orlando, FL. I have worked in the telecommunications for 10 plus years. I am passionate about technology and all things iPad/iPhone. I love journaling my experience.
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Brian Fischler

Brian Fischler is a comedian who has been seen with his guide dog Nash on The Today Show and Top Gear USA. Please follow him on Twitter @blindgator.
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Samuel Ma

Samuel Ma is an iPhone app developer at VitebMobileApps assisting iPhone and iPad app developers develop and maintain innovative mobile apps. In addition to iPhone and iPad application development, they also offer mobile web development and mobile apps marketing services across the globe.
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Heather Jensen

My name is Heather and I have been writing pretty much my entire life, but I did not get down to the biz in writing until about four years ago. I am not however a full-time writer, I also am a corporate girl -- however the written word is
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Rebecca Jones

Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. These days she is busy in writing an article on hair accessories for the season.
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Henry Kuo

Henry Kuo hails from sunny Los Angeles, California. He's a combination Photoshop ninja and JavaScript monkey, and he's absolutely in love with his iPhone and all of the awesome developers that make the platform so great.
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Natasha Newing

Natasha is a graduate from a BA in Fashion Design and since leaving university has tried many things in relation to her studies including jewellery making, 2D Photoshop work, and of course, writing! She likes to try her hand at a wide range of opportunities from fashion reviews to people
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