Rollo Dennison

Rollo works for a large media company by day and as a freelance journalist and writer by night. When he gets free time he loves creating music, watching movies, studying, traveling and time in bed!

Kick Kony’s Ass: It’s for charity!

It’s not often that a game is made with a proper political cause – in fact, it really goes against the grain as far as entertainment goes. I’m sure that had iPhones and other smart phone devices had been available during WWII we would have had some fun blowing up Hitler, but as things stand [More...]

Buildo Museum Sticker Book: Get Stuck on it!

I have to admit it’s been a while since I last played with a sticker album. Perhaps this is due to always running out of pocket money to purchase new stickers, not that I’m bitter. [More...]

DJ Pauly D: Beat That Boardwalk

As an infrequent viewer of MTV, I wouldn’t really know any of the characters/people from Jersey Shore but I’m reliably informed that DJ Pauly D is one of them – so on the upside, this review is purely going to be based on the game not on my like or hate of the TV show. [More...]

Catch The Stars: Intergalactic Puzzler

If you enjoy solving puzzles with only a limited number of moves and also using your timing and co-ordination, then you will be in love with Catch the Stars. [More...]

Burger Mania: Makes You Appreciate What Makes a Good Burger!

We’ve all been to a fast food diner in our lives. The queuing in line, waiting to get served, picking which sort of burger you want, whether you want fries with it or if you’d like to go large and the imminent disappointment of the moment you realise what you ordered looks nothing like the [More...]

Destructopus: Save the Planet by Destroying a Chunk of it…

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an animal lover, or just have a soft spot for destroying civilisation as we know it through the aid of a chemically enhanced monster, then you will be drawn to this comic style game. [More...]

Ghost Chicken: Pac Man-esque

Pac Man is an all time classic game and try as they might, game makers are all in search of something that can match such an original game. Sometimes these spin-offs are terrible and sometimes they’re zany enough to work and I’m pleased to say Ghost Chicken is an app of the latter category. [More...]

Fara: Quest to Find your Way Home

Do you enjoy quests? Do you like solving the odd puzzle? Do you like fighting monsters? Do you have a sense of humour? Do you like all of the above? Then you will certainly feel right at home playing Fara. [More...]

Aurum Blade: Zelda, Eat your Heart Out!

It’s a rare thing indeed to find a game that manages to capture all the best bits of gameplay and is able to put them all together at your fingertips. Take Zelda for example, or Final Fantasy VII (as we all know that one is the best!), the makers were able to put together the [More...]

Besnatched: Don’t lose your grip!

It’s not often that a game manages to slip through the close inspection of Apple before it makes it to the app store, however, there are the odd instances when the testers must have had an off day… this is one of those days. [More...]