10 Apps to Make Real Estate Agents' Lives Much Easier

10 Apps to Make Real Estate Agents’ Lives Much Easier

Today, there are apps everywhere you look; there is literally an app for everything. The smartphone has become an essential part of everyday life as it is used to access these apps and control a myriad of work and home related functions whilst on the go. In the business environment, apps are fundamental. We use [More...]
Most Popular Android Apps

Most Popular Android Apps of 2015

When you think about how technology has evolved over the last ten years, there’s now a very good chance that “there’s an app for that”. With Android dominating the worldwide Smartphone market with an 82.8% share in the second quarter of 2015 (*1), the demand for apps today is huge. [More...]
11 iOS Only Apps

11 iOS Only Apps That You Can’t Find On Android

The battle between Android and iOS has been going on forever. Each system has its own ups and downs and moreover, they have specific apps for every possible action. Mobile developers have tried to surpass each other in creating unique and impressive products. Let’s see below a set of the greatest iOS only apps in [More...]
Apps for Professionals

Top Ten Apps for Real Estate Agents and Professionals

Almost every industry has been affected by the technological development that has swept the world over the last ten years. It is now possible to get an app and access it anywhere on your phone or tablet. These apps can enable you to run a business from the other side of the world, or simply [More...]
10 Marketing Apps

10 Top apps to serve your needs as a marketer

When working in marketing, the key to success is to always be one step ahead – ahead of your competition and ahead of the game. A good marketer easily recognizes an opportunity when he sees one, but even more important than spotting an opportunity is taking advantage of it. This is where technology comes in: [More...]
Negotiation 360

Negotiation 360: Latest Mobile App To Learn Negotiation

In a business environment that gets more aggressive by the day, mastering the art of negotiation can bring you numerous advantages, regardless of the position you occupy in a company. While knowing how to negotiate correctly can help you obtain a bigger salary, better working conditions or miscellaneous advantages if you’re just an employee, good [More...]
Networking Apps

8 Great Business Networking Apps

It was once extremely difficult to generate new business contacts. Arranging a mutually acceptable meeting or even finding new contacts was a complicated game of cat and mouse. Now, businesses can expand their customer base in just a few clicks of their smart phones. Connections can be made, employees found or even finance generated. There [More...]
5 Business Apps

5 Apps That Are Helping Small To Medium-Sized Business With Management

When running your own business, things can easily get out of control, especially in the beginning when you’re the one pulling all the ropes. A missed meeting with a client, a lost receipt or a miscommunication issue with your team – all these can have a negative impact on your business’ well-being and growth. Luckily [More...]
6 iPad Office Apps

6 iPad office apps that every business personnel should use

The iPad has become a fundamental device in the business environment. CEOs use it, managers use it, and even employees need such a device to work faster and render much better results. The key to increasing productivity with an iPad lies in the apps that are readily available in the App Store. Some of these [More...]
7 apps for designers

7 iPhone Apps Developers & Designers Will Love

There are around 1.2 million apps in App Store, generating over $10 billion in revenue for developers. The availability of such huge number of applications is one of the reasons why iPhone is so popular, aside from its aesthetic design and amazing features. There are even tonnes of appealing iPhone apps for web developers [More...]